More Firsts: Nyan Koi, Seitokai no Ichizon, Kobato

Six new shows and so far I haven’t outright hated any of them yet. But none have interested me too much, either.

Nyan Koi: nothing special about this show. One guy, one girl, maybe more, school embarrassments, and then our hero, Kousaka, accidently knocks the head off a cat statue and now has to do 100 favors to cats in return, despite being allergic to them. That last bit actually does feel kind of fresh. And I liked how he, once he gained the power to understand cats, didn’t try to hide it but immediately told his friends (with the expected results). So a couple of good things floating around the pond of cliches.

Seitokai no Ichizon, yet another manic show, adds self-referentiality to its own pond, not to mention winks toward other shows. And the male lead, Sugisaki, “technically, the protagonist,” gleefully treats the student council girls as his personal harem. “Don’t you think I’m better than one of those indecisive male leads?” And he has a point. It’s also, so far, the only source of humor the show draws on in this first episode. I have a feeling I’ll reach my inanity break-point quickly if they don’t branch out a little more.

Kobato includes one of my least favorite fictional situations: a total innocent blunders around the modern world, makes an ass of herself and puts herself in danger. I nearly turned off the show midway through just for that. Also, Kobato the girl has no personality at all apart from being nice. Her master(?) the blue dog, isn’t much better, simply being mean and bossy, but at least he has some fire. The long-haired boy we see early on is bound to make a return, so maybe things will improve in terms of character, not that HE’s shown much so far. Finally, the show might be in danger of going for trickly, sweet endings all the time. But sometimes I’m in the mood for that.


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