… and Still More: 11Eyes, Darker than Black s2

Let’s see … 11Eyes has a eyepatched, high school boy, Satsuki, who innocently holds hands with a girl and gets transported to a black moon version of our world, where they’re threatened by black blob things, then come out of it. Then there’s a white-haired girl who spurns the rest of the class but follows him around, and an out-of-focus girl doing the same. And a rude white-haired punk boy. Then it’s back to black-moon world and those blobs again. He’s the one they want. We can tell from the op that these strange new classmates will team up with him, and that innocent, powerless Yuka will be dragged along for the “fun.” The visual effects are well-done, in spite of the cliched pentagrams and some fires that act like old animated GIFs. The sound effects are good and jarring. There are too many panty shots (really, one is too many), and the red-haired comic relief boy is annoying as hell.

Every week trying to take on a new show, grasp new characters and the situations, can get tiring. Happily I recently netflixed Darker than Black‘s first season, and the first ep of season 2 brought me some pleasant recognition. Though the situations are new many of the characters are not. There’s Li, of course, and April, and others. The new situation follows a young girl named Suou. It’s three years in the future and word of contractors has gotten out, so that when Suou’s friend Tanya suddenly turns into one everyone knows what’s going on, and why she yanks a bit of hair out after she does her deed. Poor Suou’s home life is destroyed when the military raid the house/secret lab, but she escapes with the help of a woman who quickly dies at the hands of Li, who shows up at the last minute. Once again I’m not sure who’s the good guy. The show seems up to the first season’s standards. I’ll keep watching.


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