More ep1’s: Yumeiro Patisserie, Fairy Tail

Yumeiro Patisserie begins with lovely snowflakes and tinkly orchestral music and cute little voices so for a moment I thought I was watching a sequel to A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Well, it’s not, but it’s definitely cast from the same mold, even down to cute little fantasy characters that I’m not sure really exist yet. Ichigo is totally ordinary and excels in nothing, except, as she and we learn, she has genius tastebuds that so impresses a chef that he encourages her to go to a Patisserie school. It’s all setup for now. An interesting touch that her doting father does not want her to go, and her cold mother is, for once, on her side. Like Snow Fairy Sugar this has the potential to be incredibly sweet and annoying in turns.

Fairy Tail turns out to be the name of a magic guild, whose members, apparently, command both great respect and do a lot of damage. Lucy wants to join them, but that means getting conned by a guy claiming to be Salamander, who kidnaps a lot of women and tries to take them away, until Natsume, a Fairy Tail member, shows up and does a lot of the aforementioned damage. Now she’s run off with him—literally. I don’t know if the show has staying power, though I understand the manga is very popular here in the US. It does have a lot of energy in the animation, music and enthusiasm of the voice actors, and it made me chuckle a few times. Few of the new shows this season have done that.

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