Letter Bee 1-2

Umm … Not Bad.

Letter Bee begins with Gauche, a, er, letter bee, discovering the parcel he is to deliver is a small boy named Lag. The address label is right on the kid’s sleeve. This leads us to a lot of questions, about Lag and about Gauche, who barely blinks at the thought of delivering a boy. It’s a nice way to start a series. Unfortunately ep1 at least drags a bit as we get a lot of exposition in the form of straight-up lectures from Gauche about their enemies, their weaponry, bugs in amber, and a lot of other things, I’m sure. … Too much straight-up explaining wears me out. Then there are several flashbacks, which are more affecting since they involve the abduction of Lag’s mother, i.e. emotional exposition.

Ep2 eases up on the exposition and gets to exploring a letter bee’s sense of duty, as well as showing that Lag isn’t just a random kid. The spirit ambers’ reaction to his fake left eye allows Gauche and Lag to share some memories and bond a little, which conflicts with Gauche’s determination to follow orders and get the kid to the place he’s being mailed to. Lag, after a battle where Gauche is nearly killed, drags the man to their destination, muttering “I am a letter,” a lovely twist. Now, where will the story go? Certainly it will follow Lag, but will Gauche show up again? I admit it’s gotten me interested.


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