Various Eps: Kimi ni Todoke 2, Kobato 2, 11Eyes 2, Cross Game 28

Kimi ni Todoke ep 2 is more of the same. Sawako yearns to fit in with her classmates but her Sadako looks and a reputation for evil luck puts up barriers, only for Kazehaya and the two girls Yano and Yoshida to rally around her (literally, as they choose the desks on almost all sides of Sawako when everyone else is afraid to). Naturally this leads to more “They LIKE me!” moments. I find the girls interesting. At first glance they seem to be the type of shallow, mean-spirited types who usually conspire against the heroine, but not here. It’ll be interesting to learn more about them. I’m also waiting for Kazehaya to show off more of his personality. As for poor Sawako, the only thing that keeps her from being completely useless as a character is her scary look.

Kobato looks like it’s not going to stray much, either. Once again she shows annoying naivete about the world around her, and her dog/master’s outbursts are pretty much one single pitch. Then she does something nice for a small boy and we’re supposed to go “Aww …” At least Kobato showed some anger towards Kiyokazu, the grumpy long-haired guy. He’s obviously got a backstory as well. Will they get to it before I lose all my patience and drop the series?

At least with 11Eyes you won’t get bored with episodes that behave the same. The problem here is trying to make sense of all the weirdness as the series begins to expand its world and introduce more strange and dangerous things. Kakeru and Yuka are joined by Misuzu, who rescues them from the blob things, and then, as I was worried it was exposition time, plainly tells them she doesn’t know what’s going on, either (hurray!) only that there are others who got sucked into this world too. Also, Kakeru has some sort of power in the “red night” world, and Yuka apparently does not. That’s hard to believe, unless the Powers that thought this all up felt like the good guys needed a defenseless member to even the odds a little. As for the others with powers, we pretty much know who they are, even if we didn’t watch the opening credits. It’s unfolding nicely.

11Eyes would have been the best thing I watched tonight were it not for Cross Game 28. This is arguably the best show running at the moment with it’s gentle shifts from exciting baseball to smelling the flowers, all done to a graceful, breezy dance of life passing. This episode did not disappoint. It’s got a tense game, Azuma playing laconic mind games, Kou pitching, Aoba disapproving, and the cat meowing. What could be better?


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