Are We Done Yet: Kiddy-Girl and, Sasameki Koto, Trapeze

The big joke of Kiddy-Girl and is that the stupid, hapless waitress, Ascoeur, foils an attempt to assassinate the Director while not wearing panties. The first half is all about her stupidity and her underwear, and I nearly turned it off midway. The second half’s battling makes up for part of it. Since this is a sequel, and I never watched the original, I’m tempted to drop it right now, but I think I want to learn a little more about this galactic empire before I do that. Then again, the preview for ep2 shows her battling in even less clothing, so I don’t know.

Sasameki Koto is quiet, with slow conversations, longing looks and delicate piano and strings in the background. I’m assuming that it’s all going to be about Kazama and Murasame falling in love, Hiyori providing comic relief, but since this episode was self-contained I’m sure there will be plenty of other subplots along the way. I like the mood, the occasional moments of slapstick (Murasame’s kung-fu kick, the boys rushing to the cafeteria), and the object of Kazama’s affections lashing out at her stood me up straight. Yuri fans, I think, will like it. I’ll keep watching for now.

Stylistically, Trapeze is easily the weirdest show of the new season. In terms of its content it might prove to be more run-of-the-mill. The patient in this ep is brought to a realization about himself thanks to the help of a psychiatrist. But it all happens using a blinding array of jerky animation, simultaneous art styles which usually clash, glaringly loud colors, and some live action shots (esp the sexy nurse), not to mention Dr. Fukuicchi, who pops out and tells us little facts now and then. The doctor changes appearance now and then. The minor characters can behave so weirdly that I wonder if they aren’t the ones who need a shrink. I’ll watch more, just because this looks like it’s going to be a dull season. I need all the weirdness I can get.


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