Some Kampfer, Nyan Koi and Introducing Aoi Bungaku

Quite a contrast this time around …

Aoi Bungaku is apparently four stories, and we start with the cheerful “No Longer Human,” where we follow the misadventures of a young man, “unable to comprehend the way humans work.” He has cynically joined the resistance, is about to be cut off from his allowance, is on the run from the law, and meets up with an equally depressed Mayumi. The conclusion of this ep is ambiguous, but I suspect we’re going to get a lot more angst in the future. The art is splendid and they do a good job of getting us into the mind of the “hero,” not that it’s a mind I’d really like to visit. The moodiness is a bit overwhelming; I perversely kept imagining him lifting his head and shouting “I’m in despair!” but when the alternatives are shows like the following I’ll take what I can get.

No battling in Kampfer 3. Instead Natsuru comes to the girls’ side, and it seems that everyone there is a lesbian. To further complicate matters Shizuku spreads a rumor that Natsuru is in love with … Natsuru, which pisses off Sakura, the girl he/she actually likes. Once again this show hands out one or two amusing scenes (for me it was the “Talk with Natsuru for 30 seconds” bit) and a whole lot of dull. Maybe some fighting will improve things.

I almost didn’t watch Nyan Koi 3 (especially after watching Aoi Bungaku). I can’t watch every show each season, but I try until I’m about to click on one and think “I don’t really want to watch this anymore.” In other words, my viewing’s attrition comes from boredom. Would this be the first casualty of the season? Well, I watched it, and now I’m sort of sorry I did because I liked this episode. The lost mail girl isn’t much of a character, but her combination of innocence and tease kept me amused. And for once it wasn’t a life-or-death situation with the cats. I mean, he helps several of them but they weren’t the main story. And it looks like the character list will expand next week. I hope they keep to this formula for a while of concentrating on the humans and not so much the cats.


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