Sasameki Koto 2, Sacred Blacksmith 3

This episode, at least, of Sasameki Koto, is about unrequited love. Kazama does it all the time, falling for girls who can’t return her affections, and meanwhile Murasame has unrequited love for Kazama. And then there’s … ahem … Anyway, Murasame is a cross between Azumanga‘s Sakaki and Yomi, tall, elegent, athletic, bespectacled, smart and responsible. “You’d be the idol of an all-girls school,” says Kazama. Like Sakaki she longs to be cute, not knowing that being tall with “noble features” is an asset in itself. The boy Akemiya has an unrequited love for her. How it plays out is very amusing, even without the unexpected revelation at the end (I won’t spoil it here, but you’ll be reminded of Miname Ke) which completes the bizarre love triangle. The final scenes are so out of place in a show like this that I’m not sure it works, but I’ll go with it for now. Like the first episode it takes its time setting up the pieces, floating peacefully along with underscored humor until we’re hit with a bit of slapstick, yet it’s not boring at all. Favorite moment, apart from the end, was Akemiya telling Murasame he thinks she’s cute, and she staggers off joyfully while a woman’s chorus sings some high notes. Good episode! This season may not be as dismal as I had feared.

After 3 eps of Sacred Blacksmith I’ve pretty much had it with Cecily. Normally I feel bad for characters who screw up, but I can’t really care for one who can’t do the obvious. They’re zombies for chrissake! Okay, there’s the debate over what swords are for. Cecily goes for the abstract argument, that they’re for defending the city, while the jerk guard sees them only as killing tools. Aria, who is a sword in disguise, takes his side this time. Besides, he’s right. Besides, they’re already dead! Argh …

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