Episode 3’s: Kimi ni Todoke, 11Eyes

Finally something negative happens at the very end of Kimi no Todoke, when Yano overhears rumors and is told that Sawako started it. It’s utterly ridiculous, of course. Sawako is incapable of thinking a bad thought about anyone. What will be even more ridiculous is if, next episode, Yano believes it. That happens at the very end of the ep. Everything before is more of the same, with more people getting along with Sawako, more “They LIKE me!” moments, etc. Then there’s the strange beautiful girl, who seems nice, but, since an average viewer like me can see this sort of thing coming from miles away, is probably the person who started the rumors. Well, at least there’ll be more conflict next episode. The show desperately needs some. Oh, Sawako sends another teacher to sickbay.

11Eyes has Kasakabe first refusing to help train Kakeru, then turning around and agreeing five minutes later, giving us an info-dump about her past and her current abilities. When the real fighting starts the ep lamentably falls into a character development black hole, as Kakeru simply isn’t good enough to fight the monsters yet, forcing him to run away again. Oh, I hate many anime early episodes for this reason. Even knowing the character will get better doesn’t improve the ep when he isn’t there yet. Speaking of helpless, they’d better get something better for Yuka to do than cling to Kakeru every time there’s danger. It makes the currently weak Kakeru even more helpless. To no one’s surprise, Shiori joins the team. Was this meant to shock us? Nah, just Kakeru and Yuka I suppose.


3 thoughts on “Episode 3’s: Kimi ni Todoke, 11Eyes

  1. Did you even like (or love) the Kimi ni Todoke manga when you read it, I wonder? Sorry to say but all I can see here are pessimistic remarks and how “I have seen everything that’s going to happen in this anime, nothing new, boring etc blah blah blah”

    If all you’re looking forward to in watching this are the conflicts and nothing else, then I really doubt you’ll enjoy this. Can’t you just sit back, relax and enjoy this? Empathize with the characters if you must.

  2. As I recall, my reaction to the manga (and I only read vol 1) was “I don’t quite see what the fuss is about, but a lot of people seem to like it.” It isn’t necessarily about conflict, it’s that the first three episodes have been pretty much the same. Sawako is lonely. She’s nice to someone (or vice versa), and she makes friends. What makes it worse is Sawako is such a passive (but likeable) character. Believe me, if I outright disliked the show I wouldn’t be watching it. It’s got me interested enough that I’m waiting for the development.

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