Letter Bee 3, Yumeiro Patissiere 3, Sora no Otoshimono 2

Two more episodes setting up future action today. Letter Bee 3 with some backstory about Amberground and its three classes of people (shades of Bantorra!), and it’s amazing to me how much the show’s basic action is revealed when we know this. A helpful infodump, for once! But mainly this episode we have Lag starting out on his adult life and meeting the odd girl with no name and amazing agility. Cold to him at first, they eventually bond a little.

Tomoki could learn a lesson from this
Tomoki could learn a lesson from this

It’s hard to judge this episode because they’re still putting the pieces in place. Lag hasn’t even taken the Letter Bee interview yet, and while the girl, whom he calls Niche, is obviously going to be his dingo (oh the jokes I could make!), she isn’t yet. But so far the series feels solid and sure of its destination.

Yumeiro Patissiere is following the schoolgirl fuckup routine just as expected. Ichigo fucks up, everyone mocks her, she gets depressed, something cheers her up, and she tries again (Is she getting extra credit for those second attempts at making things?). This time it’s Harabusa who does the cheering up, and happily again, when she finally makes a decent choux a la crème it’s her doing the bulk of the work. Good to see the show not giving her a free pass. On the other hand the formula is getting stale. It looks like next week we’ll get something different.

Half the time watching Sora no Otoshimono 2 I am ashamed to be watching it, and the other half I stare at the screen with my WTF face on, wondering just how far they can take the premise. The closing credit sequence for this ep has already become legendary, or infamous, as they take the flying panties and, well, I won’t give it all away. Astonishing. It was so unexpected and aesthetically pleasing (in a pervy way) that there’s simply no way I can drop this disgusting series for now. Well done! I wonder if they’re going to do something like that with every episode?


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