Cross Game 29, Darker than Black 3, Kiddy-Girl and 2

Cross Game 29 again demonstrates how a compelling series doesn’t need much in the way of a budget. The baseball segment had my heart going even though I knew how it would turn out. Afterwards we get Aoba staring at the empty field, and an unmoving shot of Ichiyo behind her speaks volumes while nothing whatsoever is said.

There’s no false heroics here. Kou’s team lost because the other team was, pound for pound, better. That’s the way it works in the real world, and that’s how it works in Cross Game.

Now that story arc is done with the show unwinds a little before hitting us with a whammy for the next one.

Heaven help Kou.  It's a grown-up Wakaba
Heaven help Kou. It's a grown-up Wakaba

I have a huge backlog of shows I’m trying to watch (and then complain about), but Cross Game is the only show that leaps the queue. Everything else must wait until I watch it.

Darker than Black 3 should be called “How much emotional trauma can we inflict on Suou THIS week?” As it turns out, quite a bit. With Suou’s family already dead or missing, a messed-up Hei who smacks her around and then tries to help her, now Tanya threatens her and kills poor Nika, and this after using him to find Suou, she witnesses lots of violence and death, and her flying squirrel starts to talk.

A perfectly understandable reaction
A perfectly understandable reaction

Enough! She goes nuts, threatens to kill all contractors, then becomes one herself. Unfortunately, this is what everyone who’s been chasing her has been waiting for. At least her renumeration duty is a pleasant one. It’s all good to watch. The show, however, feels the need to develop the backstory some more and that’s where it lags, as for casual viewers like me, we can’t fill in all the pieces yet. But Kirihara is back, though on whose side we don’t know yet. At least we can count on her to try and do the decent thing.

Kiddy Girl and has the dumb-as-rocks Ascoeur and her friend Q-Fueille trying to sneak into the cafe to get some pumpkin pudding, while new security is being implemented.


The new security system is mostly amusing. It only bogs down when the girls get into interminable “You go on ahead” “I’m not leaving you behind” discussions while being smothered by little dolls. I’m close to dropping this, but again it’s just amusing enough that I can’t quite do it.

I haven’t dropped anything yet. That’s gotta stop soon.


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