Aoi Bagaku 2, Kampfer 4

Aoi Bungaku 2 (The No Longer Human story) continues on it’s cheerful path, as our hero finds himself the subject of attention from his father, who wants to keep him out of sight, and a local newspaper, who wants to write about this scandalous man. He’s got one friend, really, but doesn’t want his help, and a woman tries to befriend him. But while we try to figure out what’s going to happen to this man next, he himself doesn’t seem to care. He believes he’s not human but in reality a monster. Much of the ep shows him trying to deal with this “true” image he hallucinates in various ways, including painting its portrait.


It’s not surprising he feels he doesn’t fit in, because in this cynical world he lives in things are getting steadily worse. He’s mostly surrounded by people who dislike him. The stock market crash hits. We get an inkling of what Japan will become in the 1930s. His world as we see it is dark and blurry, claustrophobic. The tragedy is that though he considers himself a monster, in reality he seems to be a passive fellow, simply not fit for the society of the time. Everything comes at him and he has no choice but to float along with it, because he cannot withdraw. He tried that last episode. Didn’t work.

I don’t know how long this story will last as they have some other stories to tell. We’ll get a conclusion soon. I feel relieved for the guy.

Watching anything after Aoi Bugaku will mean a bit of a shock, so I might as well look at Kampfer 4 next. Another show I’m so close to dropping but can’t just find it in me yet. This time it’s the old cultural festival routine, and Shizuku signs Natsuru up for the beauty contest. So we get lots of jokes about choosing underwear, of course, but then there’s a not-bad karaoke scene with a confrontation between Akane and Sakura, aided by the ever-devious Shizuku.

Shizuku cooly sips her drink while everything around her falls apart

I’m liking Shizuku; there’s no situation bad enough she can’t manipulate to make worse, all, I guess, for her own sick pleasure. No one else in this show is a match for her. And since everyone else is such a batch of cliches I find myself rooting for her.


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