I Grow Weary …

I wondered how long I could post about everything I watched. I think I’m hitting burnout.

Today I watched three episodes, and I have nothing much to say about any of them. Nyan Koi 4 simply added another girl to the harem, though I have to say I rather like Ichinose, a violent mix of masculine and feminine. The irony is that I always assumed she was a girl, so I was confused when everyone kept referring to her as β€œhe.” Sora no Otoshimono 3 had a bit of plot development with Sugata trying to figure out Icarus, and Icarus wondering what fun is; otherwise the ep just floundered around.

Get it? Flounder? HAHAHAHA!

The closing credits were a letdown after the amazing sequence last week, but good for them if they’re going to give us new credit sequences each week. Railgun 4 looks like it’s going for self-contained episodes each week, and I wonder how long it will be before I get bored with that, especially since the stories are not matters of life or death. Also, this particular ep just wasn’t very interesting; the only big question was what was on the girls’ faces.

Eyebrows ...

4 thoughts on “I Grow Weary …

  1. posting about everything you watched is just… insane. Just write when you really feel inspired? Or get yourself a twitter if you feel like posting blurbs about what you’re watching instead of dedicating a full-blown post.

    Not really sure if that’ll help, but I do hope it does.

  2. Thanks. It’s really been sort of a therapy for me at the moment. The trouble is many of the shows are falling into routine and I’m having a hard time coming up with opinions. I’ll probably cut back in some way.

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