Trapeze 2, Fairy tail 3, Seitokai no Ichizon 4

Trapeze 2 concerns Taguchi, a man who, thanks to a bizarre accident (There’s little in this series which isn’t bizarre) develops a permanent erection.

Now THAT'S an embarrassing examination.

They send him to Irabu, the shrink, and his hot nurse, who gives him a shot of vitamins. But like last week the main problem is something the patient has to work out himself, no matter what advice Irabu gives them. Meanwhile he still has to go to work and function in society. Normally these type of scenes, where someone is in an embarrassing situation and has to hide it from everyone, wear me down, but it’s hard to resist the wild eye-candy the show tosses at you every other second. Also, Taduchi, like last week’s guy, is a decent fellow who doesn’t really deserve what is happening to him, and, using Irabu’s advice in a roundabout way, he finds what he needs. So it’s (so far) happy endings. The series seems to have a decent heart under all its weirdness.

Fairy Tail 3 works about as well as the previous eps. Natsu and Lucy go off to steal a book from a rich guy by posing as a maid, only to learn the guy has interesting tastes.

fairytail 3

Once again the action is fluid, the jokes are quick and well-timed, and, just as importantly, the show takes care of little details. When Natsu gets all ninja-inspired he does little things he imagines ninjas do, and it flows right along with the rest of the action. Yeah, the characterization isn’t going to win any awards, but again I’ve come to like Natsu and Luigi, sorry, Lucy. And everything else is entertaining enough that deep characters don’t really matter much. I might grow bored with the formula eventually, but for now I’m still having a good time watching.

I have to admit the opening seconds of Seitokai no Ichizon 4 had me fooled. “Wait, when did I download Maria Watches Over Us?” Until I recognized the characters and realized I was in for another 25 minutes of parodies and self-reference.

Speaking of which ...

As usual, I was amused, even when I didn’t catch what they were poking fun of. Half the fun for me was watching the girls force Sugisaki to write a novel using their own interests and fetishes. Why he does it I don’t know, but then writing a novel to combat negative publicity isn’t exactly the smartest idea, either. We get some predictable material, parodies of yaoi, the aforementioned yuri, and whatever that Echo of Death thing was supposed to be (I swear, I’ve watched countless downloaded, streamed and netflixed anime series for four years and I STILL only get half the references in this show), but it works because it’s at the expense of Sugisaki. He’s a lech but he can’t say no. And, sadly, that bit of depth in his character makes him the most interesting to watch. But like Fairy Tail, I’m having too much fun to care about characters.

Now please excuse me. It's time for my shot.

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