Sasameki Koto 3, Letter Bee 4, Sora no Otoshimono who cares?

Ah, the long still shots, the long fade-outs, the elegant music, the ridiculous situations, it’s time for Sasameki Koto 3. To my surprise this might be my favorite series of the fall. Certainly it’s the one I most looked forward to watching, and as I think I’ve said before I’m not a Yuri fan. Maybe it’s because in one way it works against the admittedly few Yuri shows I’ve seen. It’s not just girls with girls, it’s awkward teenage girls trying to deal with love, and behaving stupidly for it. Kazama drives the action again, desperately worried about her first kiss, while Murasame naturally wants it to be with her. Murasame performs the usual damage control as Kazama looks for subjects to practice on.


This leads to a strange turn of events leading to a romantic moment that really isn’t, though the sunset lighting and romantic music would suggest otherwise. And that’s much of the fun: the show’s mood is all romance, while the actual situation is almost always comic. And it’s often funny as hell. Also, it’s a warm and gentle show, sympathetic to all the characters, and the plotting and direction are precise. Already waiting for the next episode.

Letter Bee 4 is entitled “Lag’s Dingo,” and we all know what’s going to happen. But will it happen in an interesting way? … Not really. Lag delivers Niche and reluctantly heads off only to realize they haven’t signed the receipt. That’s the reason he initially heads back. He only hurries when he learns the circus has a new exhibit, a dragon who can produce golden blades. Oh, no, Niche’s in danger! But of course we all know what the dragon actually is.


Their escape is an anticlimax and the only other bit of action comes from an encounter with a monster in the broccoli forest(!), and that too pans out the way we figured. Oh, well, it’s all meant to be a bonding episode between Lag and Niche anyway. We’ll see if they add some more twists in upcoming episodes.

About the only good thing I can say about Sora no Otoshimono 4 is that they brought the flying panties back. Alas, that’s the last of them. The rest of the episode is senseless. Wait, a new character next week. I can’t wait! Actually, yes I can.

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