Darker than Black 4, Kampfer 5

Darker than Black 4 doesn’t do much but advance the characters a little bit. We get Suou coming to terms with being a contractor, also training, under the kind, fatherly tutelage of Hei.

He can't even talk right anymore.

Hei has become such a shit in this new series that you wonder where his innate generousity went to? Into the bottle, probably.

Meanwhile Kirihara, er, Yayoi, has joined Section 3 to track down Hei and Shion, er, Suou, though she doesn’t even know what this organization is all about. I swear, secrets and multiple identities is a major theme in this series. Meanwhile Suou has attracted the odd attention of local loser Norio, and just what his nature is Suou seems a little confused by. It’s interesting that she’s reminded of poor Nika falling for Tanya and I wonder if they’re hinting at some type of person who can recognize contractors, or was it just the look of love? Noria’s in the previews for next ep, so maybe something will turn up. As I said, a low-level episode, just moving pieces around the board a little before big stuff happens.

I’m not sure what just happened in Kampfer 5, apart from it being the school festival and Shizuku trampling everyone else underfoot again. Akane and Sakura are still rivals for Natsuru in ways too tiresome to explain. The beauty contest goes awry when Akane transforms. The contest itself had little in the way of coherence. Were Sakura and Akane both playing agreed-upon roles? Or was it just the rivalry revealed onstage through improvisation? Don’t ask them. I kept thinking “Man, I’d rather watch Taiga’s school play again.” Once again Natsuru is completely in the dark, and there’s not even any decent battling going on. This show is close to joining Kobato on my drop list.

Dude, that happened four episodes ago!


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