Winter Sonata 2, Bantorra 3

Winter Sonata 2 continues with the flirting of Yujin and Joonsang, the former doing most of the pushing and the latter doing just enough not to discourage her. Though he can be a bit of a dick about it.

Where're you going? Come back! I'm flirting with you! Hey!

Mostly, the episode shows them discovering little things about each other, Joonsang spying on her as she dances in the broadcast booth. Yujin discovering that Joonsang can play the piano (but after she had set up the situation). Joonsang is furtive and goes around by himself, which is why almost everyone, especially Sanghyuk, considers him antisocial (but Sanghyuk’s motivations are at this moment a mystery). Well, he is antisocial. What’s lovely to watch is Yujin’s steady teasing and prodding, and Joonsang slowly responding to it. He IS interested in her, but is he too shy or too preoccupied to take action?

The contrast between castes rises to the top of Bantorra 3. We have Cigal, lead asshole for the Church of Drowning in God’s Grace, setting loose an ancient plague in order to infect Meseta, the acting director asshole for the Library, an oh, infecting an entire town along the way. Meseta’s only reaction is that it’s in poor taste. Oh, he redirects a typhoon there too, to mess with her special powers. Never mind what other damage it might cause. On the lower end there’s Colio, who’s been collecting pieces of the Laughing Witch’s book and “reading” them. And her story is simplistic though compelling.

You'll be sorry!

The people in the Library who aren’t as bloodthirsty as Meseta try to contain the damage, so there are good people in the upper levels as well. Except when attacked by brainwashed people, whom they just shoot. And Meseta, of all people, makes Colio human again, though he’s not quite sure what that means. With the other characters he’s met behaving the way they do, I certainly can’t blame him.

Plot-wise, there is an antidote, and Colio might be the key to it. He seems to be in contact with the dead witch. But will it be in time, and what’s with the woman in the cottage? Next week, a big fight, and probably much more moral ambiguity.


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