Trapeze 3, Kiddy-Girl and 3, Nyan Koi 5

Again, Trapeze blinds us with bright colors and weird symbolism (chickens this time) but doesn’t present us with any surprising solutions to the patient-of-the-week’s ailment. We all know what Toriyama should do to get rid of his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: he should stop writing crappy romance novels. The means to the end is the meat of every episode. Here Irabu the shrink writes his own crappy novel and tries to enlist Toriyama to get it published, and his rage when he learns it won’t sell helps shock Toriyama into a realization about his early days of a novelist.

The psychiatrist is on the left.

At least, I think that’s what happened here. What doesn’t make sense is that he had written a “literary” novel years ago. He said it didn’t sell well, so he chose the easier romance novel path, but we learn it had actually sold pretty well. Everyone liked it, even the sexy/scary nurse.


So I really don’t understand what his problem is with writing something other than romance. Just a fear of smaller royalties? To me it doesn’t add up. Not that I’m going to stop watching, however.

Kiddy Grade again performs just well enough for me to keep watching. Nothing really special plotwise; it’s just the old “partners fighting” story. But they add a nice twist by making Q-Feiulle a “Card-Getter Sakura” fanatic.

Nice touch.

This dash of resonance for the viewer gives the episode something to watch. Alas, apart from a parody of Sakura’s transformation they don’t really do much with it (Ascoeur does get in an “Uh-gugh!” If that’s the show I’m thinking of). The main crisis involves trying to get some money somewhere by noon, and isn’t very exciting. And of course the girls reunite. This show is not quite cut from my schedule.

Nyan Koi 5 gives us the typical amusement park scenes, but adds a twist, as early-on, Kousaka flat-out rejects Nagi. This is refreshing. I thought for sure he wouldn’t and things would get even more complicated. What’s more Nagi accepts the rejection and decides to help him in his struggle to win over Kaede.

Interesting girl.

It’s the usual scenes after that, ferris wheel spying, haunted house scaring … What’s more there are scenes after the amusement park, all of which feel like anticlimax. The only cat stuff comes at the very end with a newcomer to the harem, but we’ll have to wait until next week. In other words, a lot happens in this episode, but it all turns into a big mess.

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