Railgun 5-6, Sacred Blacksmith 5

Another partners fight episode! Two in two days. And that’s about all I have to say about Railgun 5 and 6. We see Kuroko and Uiharu fight (nice to see the latter show some backbone for a change, even if she’s useless in a fight). Then we see Misaka learn the joys of working in Judgement. And why did I immediately spot the kid getting beat up as being the culprit?


Sacred Blacksmith 5 finds our heroes between story arcs, or even a story, really. Instead they focus on cute little overworked Lisa, with only a tiny hint of depressing things like death songs written on the heart (an image I rather like), or devil’s contracts. Cecily is worried about how Luke is treating Lisa and lets him know about it.

I like Cecily more when she's got her gumption up.

This leads to the girls taking Lisa shopping which leads to a one-girl fashion show, and some bonding between grumpy Luke and Lisa.


It’s sweet, but we really don’t get much happening here. Luke and Lisa were already a good team, and while it’s nice that Luke manages to show some affection for her the episode felt unnecessary, except that it WAS nice to see Lisa get some attention. Also, I liked watching her go through her daily routine, even if Luke overworks her. But I’m looking for more story next episode.

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