Kimi ni Todoke 5, 11Eyes 5, Sora no Otoshimono I forget.

Kimi ni Todoke, after a rather eventful ep4, eases up on the accelerator and lets us examine everyone’s reaction to the rumor carnage … except Kazehaya. Start with several minutes of Sawako falling into a depression about losing everyone she’s gained so far (which was done well; we really see the emptiness she’s facing). Leave it to Kazehaya to set her straight about what she and everyone wants.


I swear, it’s tough for people trying to get her to say what she feels, with all the “I’m sorry’s” and stumbling over her words. And that, of course, is the whole problem. Much later we get her confronted by nasty girls in the bathroom over her friendship with “that criminal and that slut.” So the rumors keep turning in on themselves. But that probably won’t matter since she seems to have a good idea of who she wants to hang out with now. More quality time is spent with Yano (weepy) and Yoshida (pissed off, then weepy), as they try to figure out the situation.


Those two are my favorite characters in the show. Sawako is still too passive and Kazehaya is a cipher behind a smile. But Yano and Yoshida talk out and are less afraid of what people say or mean, except for Sawako, who they aren’t afraid to like no matter what.

11Eyes 5 starts with minor things, a flashback concerning Takahisa (as if I cared), and the introduction of the speechless Kukuri, who looks like Satsuki’s long-dead sister. It’s as if the creators were saying, “Oh, forgot this bit here, and we need to introduce that girl somewhere, so why don’t we just dump that there …” Things pick up in the weekly battle, as Satsuki, about to get wasted yet again …

Not again ...

Gets his act together, and awakens.


And kicks ass.


Now that THAT plot point is taken care of, now that he’s capable, maybe the show can move forward. Of course having a fit right afterwards isn’t a good sign. Neither is the scary guy after the credits talking about the eye of destruction, or something. We’ll still learning about what’s going on in this series.

Sora no Otoshimono
5 again doesn’t have much except a good closing sequence. But if that’s the only reason to watch this show …


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