Yumeiro Patissiere 5, Sasameki Koto 4, Kiddy-Girl and 4

The good thing about Yumeiro Patissiere 5 is Ichigo no longer giving in to despair every time Kashino puts her down. Now she’s simply more determined, though she still doesn’t like him very much.


Naturally this changes when Kashino shows a softer side during a late-night practice session. Ichigo naturally does a mood swing.


And that leads to the cake she makes for the test, using bitter and sweet ingredients. Of course it goes well. Kashino even sort of complements her. But of course the big news is the arrival of everyone else’s little fairies. Chocolate looks good and grumpy. If I keep watching I’ll probably like her. Alas, we have to wait for next time to actually meet the fairies. So everyone in the elite Group A has little fairies helping them. Is this fair to the rest of the class?

Sasameki Koto 4 formally introduces Tomoe and Miyako, the girls spotted kissing in the classroom.


Of course, they spotted Murasame and Kazama practicing, too, and propose an all-girls’ club of an interesting nature. It’s shot down in the end but you have to wonder if the student body wouldn’t actually mind such a club:

Love how they turn the boys into white blobs.

The trouble is finding recruits. Murasame and Tomoe try different strategies, and hapless Akemi is dragged along—in drag. It’s fun to watch Murasame treat Akemi like dirt, blackmailing him to make him agree, and utterly blind to the humiliation it causes him, especially when she herself was nearly the object of blackmail earlier. She can be quite the immoral manipulator when she’s determined. Meanwhile Kiyori is along for the ride, seemingly enjoying everything she encounters. All done with the usual understated romantic music, though it moves faster than previous episodes. It’s not my favorite of the four I’ve seen, but it’s still better than most of the shows running.

I cringed when I learned Kiddy-Girl and 4 was going to be a baby-sitting episode. Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I thought the girl would be some kind of brat or cause some trouble but actually Dia turned out dull but likeable.

And she seems to like everything!

Of course Dia’s mysterious, and we don’t get much in the way of answers, just a fight with two girls who, er, just want to fight, I guess.


Dia kisses an unconscious Ascoeur, who finds herself at an all-time power high, and everyone’s saved. Nothing much more to say. I don’t know if the mystery of Dia’s enough to keep this show afloat. And I’ve got to cut something else soon or I’ll drown in the backlog.


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