Darker than Black 5, Thriller Restaurant 1, and not much about Bakemonogatori 13

Another fairly slow episode of Darker than Black, though when I say that I recall that there were actually two battles in this one. More time is taken to flesh out the characters, get Suou to actually kill a living thing and Hei to eat something for a change. And Hei and Suou get a mission, which involves halting the transport of a giant thingababob known as Izanami, while Kirihara and Section 3 try to track them down.

A clue!

And Norio’s mother, a contractor, shows up. Oh, and Suou blows a hole through a wall. Hei does not hit her. Hmm, actually, a lot happens in this episode, but it’s done in such a low-key fashion I had to run through the events to realize it. Even the battles and chases are matter-of-fact. Maybe that reflects the violent but mundane world these people live in.

Something called Thriller Restaurant started to pop up on the bittorrent sites, and though I’m watching too much anyway I decided to give it a try. The format is what you’d expect. The maitre’d of the restaurant introduces three little stories, sort of like you’d get an an old EC horror comic, except the show is geared toward a younger audience.

Okay, the Crypt-Keeper he's not.

The stories so far all concern Ako, Reiko (two completely normal girls) and Sho, a new, mysterious boy who’s interested in ghosts and stuff. Ako cheerfully rattles off some of the town’s landmarks, such as Mount Hag, Grim Reaper General Hospital, Ghastly Apartments, etc. I guess they chose a lot of Lemony Snicket for their “One Town, One Book” event. Together they investigate the restaurant, bring to life a soul-eating puppet …


And we get a depressing story about a girl and a mirror for dessert. It’s spookier than I expect from a kid show, but I’m not in Japan. And it’s not bad for what it is, but I doubt I’m going to add it to my watchlist. I should be cutting shows, not adding them!

Delighted that there are a few more eps of Bakemonogatari to go, after a hiatus, but since the show is so late in the run and I’ve lost track of what’s going on, I’m not going to write about them here. But I can’t resist this screenshot:

Actually that line feels kinda out of place for this show ...

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