Cross Game 31, Seitakoi no Ichizon 6

Time is a central theme in this Cross Game 31, well, time passing is a major theme to the entire series, but it stands out here. Kou’s father wonders that Kou still won’t attend the summer festival even six years after Wakaba’s death (Kou and Wakaba were going to go together) (EDIT: I was wrong. Kou always goes to the festival, but alone). Everyone hears the festival rehearsals and drift off into memories of the past. Aoba’s clock breaks. Time has stopped. Then everyone sees Akane.

It's all right.



Kou seems to have no problem attending the festival with her, but he’s always been a clueless sort. Well done, Wakaba, I mean Akane! In your first full episode you manage to freak out not only Kou, but Akaishi and all three Tsukishima sisters as well, and you don’t even know you’re doing it! All this is mixed in with the usual laughs and slow rhythms the show does so well, yet it’s a huge development that changes everything. Will Kou and Akane hook up, or is that too weird for him? How would Akaishi feel about that? Aoba?

Seitokai no Ichizon gets a little serious this week, as sisters Minatsu and Mafuyu announce they’re transferring “to the mainland” so their mom can be with her boyfriend. The other student council members scramble to change their mind. Mixed in with this is the question of the school festival theme.

A little Power Rangers fantasy to distract you from the seriousness.

This show doesn’t work as well when it’s trying to be touching, though it helps that Sugisaki is the one who saves the day, in his usual strange way. Happily there’s still plenty of pop culture references and in-jokes to liven things up. I just hope I don’t hear any more contemplative piano background music in this series for a while.

Oh, and I dropped Nyan Koi. Just couldn’t take it anymore …

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