Trapeze 4, Letter Bee 5-6

Trapeze 4 works the same way as the others. Bando, a third baseman, suddenly can’t throw straight.

Thank you, Dr. Fukuicchi.

And as usual Dr. Irabu’s treatment may have had no actual effect on his cure. His goal as a doctor is to make his patients’ lives weird and annoying while they figure out the answer themselves. Bando realizes he’s jealous of an up-and-coming new talent, Suzuki, and learns that Suzuki has his own insecurities. I doubt we’ll see anything new in this series, but that’s not why I watch it. I wonder what the reason is for each patient to develop an animal head. I love the glaring colors, the combination of real actors’ faces and bodies mixed in with the jerky animation.

And I always enjoy Mayumi and her needle.

Letter Bee 5-6 makes me wonder just how this world of theirs is set up. When Lag and Niche reach “dead-end town” Kyrie they are almost immediately robbed, Lag is injured and local girl Nelli, who did the damage …


… is slugged down by the local populace for the crossing permit she stole. All because they are stuck there, unable to cross. It’s an interesting view of survival when the only way you can do it is at someone else’s expense. So why can’t they cross the bridge? And it’s a nice touch that the letter bees are often hated by locals because of their freedom to travel.

The next episode drifts away from such thoughts and concentrates on Nelli’s failure to cross the bridge, Lag and especially Niche saving the day, and some backstory speculation about Lag by minor characters. The excitement more or less stops as we have heartfelt moments and learn truths about Nello (the dead brother) and Jiggy, the letter bee who deserted the town.

This hearfelt moment brought to you by Lag's SUDDEN NEW POWERS!

And the story arc ends in a less-than-interesting manner. Temporary characters getting straightened out usually add little to a series, I find, even if they can manage to connect it to Lag’s story, as they do here. Luckily we still have Niche to entertain us.


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