Bantorra 5-6, Fairy Tail 5-6

Book of Bantorra 5 starts with Volken flying off with an important book, called Ylucklucu, if I got it right. It’s a shocking thing for this fine upstanding library member to do and will have consequences, as Mirepoc realizes.

But the episode is about Mirepoc trying to figure out why the hell he did it in the first place, and becoming more and more undone as she does so, until she endangers her own life by bumbling into an area of the library she shouldn’t be in, and finally deciding to erase her memories of Volken.

But I’m more interested in the library itself. Since I used to be a librarian I’m always interested, especially when they’re huge and old. This one has labyrinths, separate libraries going deeper and deeper underground, with huge beasts set loose to guard them. Yess! I want to work there!

Note Mirepoc lower right. Now THAT'S a library!

The show also introduces a couple new characters, like Mokkania, who seems to like hanging around the dangerous libraries for kicks. And everyone has their own bizarre dress code. Frankly, I don’t really care why Volken stole that book; I’m sure we’ll learn soon enough. I want more library scenes!

And we move on to ep6, where the singleminded purpose of the previous ep jumps into two, no, three, no, one story with a lot of parts to it. A monster saunters in and attacks the library and wreaks some havoc before three armed librarians force him to retreat.

The customer is always right.

But that’s interspersed with a guy reading a book about a Meat who will be trained into being a monster. Relia from the first story arc has a cameo here, nicely tying things together, or maybe just making a confused loose knot—too early to tell. And then we jump to Noloty and her quest for the stolen book, and a surprise visit from Meseta, up to her usual tricks.

I have no idea what goes on in Meseta's head.

The man Noloty fights, says Meseta, is the book-thief, and Noloty is given orders that don’t make sense except in Meseta’s strange, twisted mind. And once again we learn from a lot of people that they want to kill Meseta, but that’s nothing new. It seems to be actual story. So I’m expecting the monster stuff and the Noloty stuff will get tied together somehow, but how remains a mystery. And that’s a good reason to keep watching. I never know quite how things are going to fit together. Or will we wind up with the aforementioned loose knot?

After all that it’s a relief to have a straightforword story line. Alas, Fairy Tail 5 and 6 are only 2/3 of the story. But it’s all good. Even if we’d figured out what evil Eligor’s actual plot was long before our heroes did. There’s actually two questions in any Fairy Tale story arc: How it’s going to turn out? And how much damage are they going to cause? This time the combo of Natsu, Grey and Erza (with Lucy along for the ride) is potent enough that even guild leader Makarov is worried. But we start slowly, learning a little more about how their world works.

I never expected to see an organization chart in this show ...

Erza comes in with a lot of hype, and lives up to it, as they try to chase down Eligor and his evil mages before they can unleash the death flute’s song on some unsuspecting civilians, but of course that’s not the real plan. The Fairy Tale gang are trapped by a wall of wind while he goes off for revenge. It’s here that the show stumbles. I don’t think any of us hadn’t figured out what they were really after, so watching the heroes run around and get into fruitless fights isn’t terribly interesting. As fun as some of the fights are.

But the humor works again. My favorite bit, as Erza transforms:

Even the bad guys can appreciate a good magical transformation scene.

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