11eyes 6, Kimi ni Todoke 7, Kampfer 7

Nothing much to say about 11Eyes 6. Let’s see … Misuzu cures Satsuki …

Be afraid. Actually, part of it looked like fun.

which involves getting partly naked, it seems. And of course poor Yuka peeks in and sees the whole thing. Most of the rest of the ep is of her going around being upset and running away from people. Then it turns into Red Night, where the interesting stuff occurs. Misuzu and Satsuki are too weak to fight much, so Kukuri saves the day, or night. Her full powers are revealed! I’m happy for her, I guess.

Except Yuka’s run off again and might be dead. I’m finding it hard to care now. The battle scenes lead nowhere again, the minor characters are all bores, apart from Shiori, who better join the main action soon. And the longer the series goes on like this the more the cliches stand out.

After all the dramatics, Kimi ni Todoke settles back into purely happy mode as it shifts gears for a new story arc. Yano and Yoshida take Sawako for ramen, and by an amazing coinkidink it’s also where Ryuu lives. Kazehaya is called over and the gang is complete. Even Pin makes an appearance. Sawako, of course, is in seventh heaven.

The point is made (over and over) that Sawako now has friends and can do the things friends do. She looks forward to learning more about them. What she might not realize is that it works the other way, too. Her friends want to learn more about her. Yano and Yoshida are terrific again; they work like old friends do, and they have great fun teasing Sawako and Kazehaya to watch them grow embarrassed, and more importantly, finding out WHAT embarrasses them. Ryuu watches as usual, joining in with the fun when it comes to him.

And through it all we learn a little more about each one. I wouldn’t want an entire season of episodes like this, but once in a while it’s good to just kick back and enjoy a Saturday evening.

The episode 7 Kampfer gang have a get-together too, but it’s doubtful that anyone particularly enjoys it. Sakura has invited female Natsuru to spend the night, but Shizuku invites herself and Akane along, for her own reasons (which may have to do with another entrails animal, but certainly to have twisted fun at others’ expense).

I'm not sure that's how you play the Pocky game, Shizuku

So it’s all about which girl is going to make time with Natsuru this evening. As usual he/she’s on the defensive the entire time, with girls barging in on her in the shower, or sneaking into his bed. Which doesn’t mean they don’t find a reason to blame him/her for something.

The whole thing gets irritating, even when it escalates into Kampfer combat and a new enemy shows up. You know, I’ve been waiting for this show to settle into a rhythm and develop an overriding story arc, but every new character simply joins in with the silliness. Not that I mind silliness, but there is this whole Kampfer battling thing going on, remember?


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