Yumeiro 7, Blacksmith 7

Yumerio Patisserie 7 gives us the conclusion of the thrilling two-parter. Can our heroes redo Ringo’s cake in time?


But wait! That’s the mean girl from the group that stole Ichigo’s design. Don’t listen to her! And of course, since this is a children’s show, the true answer is yes. What’s important is that there should be some fun along the way. You could predict most of the scenes before they happened. Start with the cake redesign, check, the desperate drive to the school while protecting the cake, check, the middle-school girl flagging down a total stranger for a ride, che… huh? The better-late-than-never arrival, check, the cake revealed, check … What puts ep7 over the top is this:

Fairy overacting!

I appreciate that the show added something beyond what would have been a nice but predictable ending. There were other touches, such as Ringo befriending the other birthday girl (who, after all, is an innocent victim of the great cake war), and the fact that the rival cake was delicious as well, but watching the fairies overact, Ichigo trying to cover, and her teammates snickering at the whole thing had ME snickering at the whole thing. Well done.

I really should have seen the end of Sacred Blacksmith 7 coming. Why didn’t I? I was distracted by Cecily’s maid, Fio.

I’m not a maid-person, but Fio is astonishing. Apart from Luke she is the most capable character in the entire show. She not only runs the household, she is a better fighter than Cecily and can apparently take over any time she wishes. She doesn’t care who it is.

Fio speaking to royalty.

Okay, good as Fio is, she’s not the only reason I didn’t see it coming. I was rather rooting for the best case scenario, partly because after their pleasant time in this little burg Charlotte and her guards all agree that they really don’t want to leave. Oh, they have a mission, to reunite with the Emperor for the sake of Charlotte’s deceased mother, but Charlotte bonds with Cecily’s mother, and suddenly things aren’t so clear anymore. The scenes leading up to this are appealing (and to darken things up a little we have a couple scenes were Luke and Aria have some not so appealing experiences of a foreshadowing nature). By the end I was then convinced that Charlotte had only two options: stay or go? But instead:

Worst-case scenario.

No matter what happens they’re screwed. No one in the show that matters (nor anyone in the audience) believe Charlotte’s a phony, but the city will be forced to act against Charlotte, and no way Cecily’s going to turn against them. Not bad at all. But there’s an easy answer. Just send Fio to the Emperor to duke it out. She can handle anyone.

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