Sasameki Koto 5, Kiddy-Girl and 6, 11Eyes 7, Fairy Tail 7

I had skipped Sasameki Koto 5, and tried tonight to catch up and write something, but the ep feels like an afterthought now, except for one or two moments. Well, one, really. After all the silliness of maid outfits and botched cooking, a moment at the end brought home something more important.

Even in this yuri show, society says Tomoe and Miyaki can’t be themselves unless they’re by themselves, so in spite of exploding dishes and other silliness, they tell Murasame that they are grateful …

You begin to understand the problems they go through, just to have a happy time together.

Murasame prints out a photo from the evening. And frames it:

And it’s lovely. Interesting, too. You could read this as a moment where she just had fun, or you could add the idea that she was seeing for the first time a wider group of women like herself, and is intrigued by it.

Very little to say about Kiddy-Girl and 6, as they decided to dump off two silly (okay, the show’s always silly) half-stories, one about the affair between Hiver and Zoma which the girls stumble onto, and the other, well, I’m with this girl:

11eyes 7 has a lot going on, but not much to talk about. The plot adds and removes characters and moves them to and fro in preparation for later climactic scenes. For once the entire ep stays in Red Night, so we avoid the annoying side characters, and it becomes a battle followed by personal revelations and bonding followed by another battle with more revelations tossed in. On the personal level Yuka is still upset about Satsuki’s turning from her, which didn’t happen.

You know and I know that the more she says stuff like that the sooner her own power will be revealed, and when she sees the heroes facing certain death, guess what happens?

And Invidia's evil plan was going so well ...

It’s a nice touch that Yuka’s powers turn out to be the most dangerous, to both sides. The girl who shouldn’t fight can now nullify anything. It’ll be interesting to see what she does with it …

Fairy Tail 7 muddles its way through the wall of wind crisis. Our heroes finally figure out what the plan is …

... after the bad guys tell them.

Time is spent figuring out ways around the wall, until Lucy appropriates another servant who fixes the problem. This all takes too much time, partly because they have scenes where bad-guy Kage is taken along with them, leading to scenes where he wonders why. So by the time Natsu catches up with Eligor there’s not enough time in the ep to finish things.

Judging from the preview it’s so the others can catch up to defeat him together. How much you want to bet that Kage will play a key part in this? Not my favorite episode of the lot. Erza is too weakened to be any fun, and there’s too much standing around and talking. But the humor and the action (when it comes) is fast and fluid again.


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