Cross Game 33, Darker than Black 7, Kampfer 8

A hell of a lot happens in Cross Game 33. We get a little bit of everything, more Akane shock moments:

Seiji, the second time he sees Akane! Just like the first ...

Questions about Aoba’s cooking skills, and a game! Which they lose 1-0. Where to begin?

To start, the home team isn’t any good at all unless Kou and Azuma are playing. This is a serious weakness, and frankly any sports fan from any sport knows that one or two players alone isn’t enough to win big games, except maybe basketball. And they are down to one when Azuma gets appendicitis after eating Aoba’s attempt at a neopolitan.

You have to wonder about the show’s motives here. The last thing Aoba wants to do is incapacitate the team’s star hitter before a big game, but the show suggests she did just that. It wasn’t food poisoning, she didn’t hurt him, but in the greater mind of the series we have to make this connection that Aoba was responsible. And that makes me wonder why this connection is made …

Meanwhile Akane is drawn into the world of the two families. She begins to discover the reason for her fame, but not before she manages to say something about Aoba …

Yet another innocent bombshell launched by Akane.

She begins to see the passion that her new friends have for baseball. She doesn’t understand it, but she admires Kou on the mound as a “coiled spring”, and begins to draw him. Cross Game, 33 episodes in, is so rich in backstory that my little posts cannot cover all the things happening. We’ve seen everyone interact so much that each new moment has resonance.

In Darker than Black 7 Hei and his little friends are trying to get out of Hokkaido. July gets abducted and Suou rushes off to rescue him, and we have the contrast of how a Contractor operates and what their values are as opposed of behaving like a human being. Hei has written July off as being just a doll, therefore expendable. Suou again decides to act like a human.

Suou refuses to treat July as an object and nearly gets herself killed for her trouble. But it works, sort of. July is never going to be a fully human being, but he manages to guide Suou to where he’s being held, and then guides Hei, to save both of them.

In short, because of Suou, he reaches out as a human being, and Suou, an unsure contractor, responds, as does Hei. Though Suou’s bloodthirsty attack on the woman who abducted July was chilling; the contractor in her got loose for a moment. In contrast to this we have Ilya, a nasty serial killer who, when he became a contractor, had to stop killing irrationally. Even he enjoys the irony of this. And the various government organizations pulling the strings don’t give a damn who lives or dies, really, except for Kirihara, and nobody’s telling her anything.

Shizuku invites Natsuru on a date in Kampfer 8.

Or rather, forces him into it. Natsuru is no dummy; he knows Shizuku is up to something, even though she denies it. She prods him into doing things people do on a date, coming on to him the entire time, while he continues to look for motives. The beautiful thing is that they really are on a date. Shizuku knows that nothing will stir up trouble within the Kampfer girls more than that.

Once again Shizuku is master of the situation. Natsuru can only flounder and react. The other girls act according to their own weird passions. And I’m still waiting for something to happen …


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