Episode 8’s: Yumeiro, Letter Bee, Seitokai no Ichizon

After a pointless scene where Ichigo is ditched by the mean girls in the other class Yumeiro Patissiere 8 introduces two new characters. One is the school president Tennouji, the envy of the school, and may I say, isn’t there another student in the school besides Ichigo and her friends who don’t have some ulterior motive toward Ichigo?

Tennouji is intrigued because Ichigo was scouted by Henri, whom she has always wanted to impress. But there’s no sign of malice in her, yet. The other new character is the infamous “Ojou.”

She who must not be named, at least around Kashino ...

Apparently a even worse fuckup than Ichigo, at least last year. Worse, she’s in love with Kashino, and that sharpened his hatred toward women, they say (One of those lines you never expect to hear in a show like this). I should add that Ichigo’s poorly-hidden amusement at Kashino’s angst is the funniest thing in the episode. Ojou, like so many in the school, can’t handle the fact that Ichigo’s with the “A” team in the school, so next ep it’s going to be puddings at twenty paces! Ichigo has never made one, of course, but that won’t stop her. The formula is pretty much set now. Ichigo is challenged to do something she doesn’t know how to do, but with the help of her friends she’ll manage to do it anyway. But I still can’t get over the unbridled jealousy and malice so many of these students have. Well, I suppose it’s to contrast Ichigo’s unbridled earnestness.

Letter Bee‘s Lag Seeing is another one for the unbridled and earnest category. After taking in the shock that his hero Gauche was dismissed as a Bee …

… he goes to meet Gauche’s sister, Sylvette, who hasn’t heard from Gauche since the dismissal. This puts me in two minds about this episode. While Lag should be allowed some reaction scenes, and we needed to see Sylvette’s take on all this, I’m more than ready to get to the bottom of the whole mystery. But we get nary a clue, all the reactions and exposition bits take so long. It had to be something. Gauche would never desert his sister (though, to become a bee, he sort of does just that, but it’s for the long-term happiness, dammit! Maybe THAT’S what did him in). The only thing we get is that fellow Bee Aria is concerned, too. That Lag intends to get to the bottom of it is to be expected, but I wish they would start, already!

Though this was a lovely bit.

I’m not sure why I still like Seitokai no Ichizon, and it’s hard to describe in the type of post I’m writing here. It’s a mundane show where nothing much happens, everything gets lost in quick asides and rambling digressions (such as the math test section here), but that’s part of what makes it fun. This time around Lilicia plants her kid sister Elise into the council meeting room in order to get more dirt for her next expose. Elise takes a liking to Sugisaki, and that’s where most of the laughs evolve.

Sugisaki and Elise try to play games, but her versions are all twisted and adult. Some of the jokes work, some of them don’t. But what it all does is get the other girls suspicious of Sugisaki’s motives—again. Even though it’s obvious it’s the loli who’s pervying everything up.

The girls on this show are a mystery. They are disgusted when Sugisaki comes on to them or declares them members of his harem, but when he’s legitimately kind to a single one, or an outsider like Elise, they become shocked, SHOCKED! and jealous. Sugisaki can do nothing but roll with the punches. That’s one reason, and the fact that the show delights in its silliness, along with the voice actors’ sense of comic timing, and the fact that nothing happens at all, that I actually look forward to watching such a dumb show every week.

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