Kiddy-girl and 7, Winter Sonata 4(5), Railgun 9

Let’s see, in Kiddy-Girl and 7 the girls go on real mission to take out an enemy’s warship factory.

Let's blow up stuff!

They encounter some dull super-powered enemies but succeed. And everything gets blowed up real good.

The end. I honestly having nothing more to say about this episode.

It took me awhile to figure out what the heck was going on with Winter Sonata 4 (or 5 if you like). They take care of the lost-in-the-woods fiasco in the first couple minutes and Joonsang and Yujin wind up closer than ever, to Sanghyuk’s annoyance. Then, while Joonsang is looking at old photos, he gets a surprise.

Oh, shit ...

Frankly, with the fansubs coming out so slowly I had completely forgotten the situation. So I watched with some befuddlement as Joonsang freaks out and gets more info out of Sanghyuk’s father. Apparently Joonsang and Yujin might actually be related.

Then we get the scene we’ve known was coming ever since the show began. In a desperate attempt to see Yujin one last time before he flees to America, Joonsang gets clobbered by a truck. Grief all around.

So I google the story to make sense of it, and now I’m kind of sorry I did, because now I know too much. It shouldn’t matter. This is a famous franchise; the people watching in Japan know what happens already, too. But for a first-timer like me it was like jumping ahead to the final pages of a detective novel. I’ll also add that last time I lamented some of the melodramatic devices the show was starting to use. Now I know that there’s plenty more to come. Well, no matter. It’s still beautiful to look at, and I can’t resist the romantic atmosphere, bittersweet though it might be.

In Railgun 9 Saten wants an ability and manages to get a hold of a level-upper, even though she’s told people who use it turn into nasties or wind up in the hospital with brain damage, or both.

She tries to interfere with that thug above to save a guy and gets roughed up herself. Kuroko shows up and nearly gets killed before she takes him down by destroying a building.

Nah, we like it when you blow stuff up good. Just don't talk so much next time.

Surely this should be enough for Saten. Look at all the trouble leveling up does for you. And it’s not like her friends with ability care if she has none. But she’s tired of being powerless. Any one of us can sympathize with that. The trouble is, again, that the show puts it together so poorly, with so much wasted time. A scene with the constantly-disrobing Dr. Kiyana seemed to take forever, and the exposition and trash-talking between Kuroko and the thug suck the life out of what could have been an exciting fight scene. So Saten’s dilemma will last another episode, sadly.


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