Cross Game 35: Dance of Chocolates

Our first snowstorm of the year didn’t amount to much, at least in terms of snow. It was the 5 degree F temperatures and 20MPH hour winds that damn near killed me, and it’s not gone yet. I need something nice and summery. Ah! Cross Game!

Oh, I forgot, it’s Winter there, too …

Never mind, this show never fails to warm the cockles of my heart, though I wish it would work on my toes at this moment. Similar to last ep, this one takes care of the off-season by inserting little bits of plot while indulging in a yearly event, in this case Valentine’s day, a mad dance of chocolates!

Let’s see. Azuma got a bunch from girls he doesn’t care for, but adds, almost as an aside to Aoba, that she’s the one person he would like to date.

Senda (the only character in this show I dislike) buys chocolates and pretend they’re for him. Aoba gets a ton of chocolates, all from girls, prompting cousin Asami to bake her a cake, which is promptly eaten by the other sisters (who are, of course, also his cousins. Hee!), while Nomo reacts like a Greek chorus that only speaks Cat. Kou only gets four chocolates (Girls think he’s dating Aoba), which wind up in a passing truck after Aoba playfully tries to snatch them away, make of that what you will. She has to buy him replacements. After a hint, Ichiyo gives Junpei a chocolate (Interesting …), and Aoba, as an afterthought, gets one for Azuma, but has Kou deliver it. And at the very end:

This one is still surprising even when you take into account Akane has been learning about Wakaba and the relationships they all had with her. It’s as though she has agreed to take Wakaba’s role. You wonder if it’s too hasty, especially in a show like this, which is never hasty unless there’s a game on.

Overall, it’s a clever means of letting us know who might be getting along with whom. Each scene is a small shock followed by a smile, and ways the chocolates get to the recipient mean something too. Lovely stuff. The other big news is Aoba is going to try out for the All-Japan girl’s team. That will be fun.

3 thoughts on “Cross Game 35: Dance of Chocolates

  1. You’re one of the few people I know who’s keeping up with Cross Game AND faithfully blogging about it too! Keep it up! is all I can say… have to do my own ‘catch up’ with this, blog when time permits (but sigh laziness).

    1. Thanks! I can understand why many aren’t following this show. First, it’s about baseball. Second, it’s LONG, without lots of ninjas or magical girls to keep one entertained. As for me, it’s gone beyond being in love with the show; I’m married to it. Love that comes with a long-term commitment.

      Judging from the searches people use to find my blog, there are some CG lovers out there. This make me happy.

  2. Cross Game deserves that kind of Serious Love. Looking forward to loving Cross Game MOAR (since I got stuck at episode 17!) and being ‘married’ to it too.

    That’s quite an analogy, I should say… Lately I’ve been thinking of the ways in which we grow as anime fans, and finding animes we’re ‘committed to loving for the rest of our life’ (timeless gems to cherish forever) is quite a good sign! 😀

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