Finishing Up Episode Tens: Blacksmith, Sasameki

The Sacred Blacksmith 10 sorta kinda explains most of the mysteries left in this show, but I admit I’m still confused. We learn why the old crazy knight keeps referring to Elsa when Elsa’s right there, well, no it actually doesn’t. What we get are a lot of exposition scenes about destinies and the true desire of demon swords, and then everyone behaves differently. Elsa the demon sword doesn’t cook Lisa with electricity, as we had feared, even though swords are supposed to obey their masters’ will. He still talks about avenging Elsa, only to have Elsa kill him, at his request. Perhaps the thing he loathed was himself all along. I dunno.

Aria’s comment above might be a clue. Perhaps, since she and Elsa are swords that can take on human form, they have a perspective above that of a simple demon sword. Or they are incomplete. In other words, they are incapable of acting like a regular demon sword, or they possess the free will to act contrary to their destiny.

And I am getting to hate the word destiny in shows like this, and I suspect Aria is sick of it, too. If someone says your destiny is to perpetuate a circle of hate, which is Valbanill’s goal, wouldn’t your first reaction be to say “Screw that! I am my own person, or sword/person, whatever. I refuse this destiny!” I have a feeling the story might wind up with just that answer.

Then we have a couple of bombshells at the end. By now, thanks to Elsa and the knight’s actions, we know their target wasn’t Luke, but cute little Lisa. Because she’s really a demon who carries Valbanill’s blood. What’s more, Luke created her by killing the original Lisa, or something like that. At any rate, he holds himself responsible and loathes himself. I’m not completely buying this. I suspect Lisa would have died anyway, but we’ll see. It’s a nice contrast to the crazy knight and his daughter/helper/sword Elsa, perhaps created under the same circumstances.

Anyway, thinking about it, I’m pretty sure the climactic moments will come out of people not interested in fulfilling sick, twisted destinies.

The big mystery of Sasameki Koto 10 is what the hell is going on in Kazama’s head, anyway? For the past couple eps she’s been full of wistful looks that suggest that she’s worried about Murasame and Aoi being together, but I can’t read her motivations in this episode at all.

It starts out with Kazama, Tomoe, Miyako and Kiyori off on a fun outing at the beach, where Tomoe’s driving leads to some engine trouble.

That pretty much kills the trip, so they decide to return early. Meanwhile, Murasame’s guilt over last episode has her doing penance by helping Aoi put together her fanzine for the big convention the next day. All the while she’s planning on sneaking out at the first possible opportunity to join the girls on the beach. So I’m figuring she’ll do that, breaking Aoi’s heart again, only to find none of them there. Happily, I’m wrong. The folding and printing takes on worst-case-scenario extremes as they have one glitch after another, followed by a scene of wild disasters, and time grows short.

To the tune of a Strauss waltz.

Murasame can be as scheming and manipulating as anyone else in this show, but she can’t bear to leave poor Aoi now. And so they make it to the con, Murasame’s decency intact, but her hopes for seeing Kazama dashed, or so she thinks.

Here’s where Kazama becomes more of a mystery. By an amazing coinkidink all the girls wind up at the con, and Kazama finds Murasame at their table.

Seeing Murasame and Aoi together, dozing off, there’s no shock in Kazama. She’s pleased. And there’s that cryptic line. Maybe she’s trying to encourage them to have a relationship, but in that case why would she say what she did? Is she trying to lead Murasame on? If so, she’s more cunning than I had thought. Even the other girls have no clue what’s going on inside her head. All we get is Murasame’s look of delirium afterwards. Whatever the motive was for saying it, the line certainly had an effect. Next week: the pool!

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