Slowing down as the season does: 11Eyes 11

I’m almost caught up with my backlog. The few shows I have yet to watch I’m hoarding for the Christmas break. So only one show this time.

11Eyes 11: what a cheerful episode!

Liselotte the evil witch is freed, and just about every character is now dead. And I’m a little frustrated. The show does a good job of ramping up the action—when they actually try to do that. But instead Kakeru and Misuzu are flung out of Red Night into their normal universe and we cuts from the exciting battle to scenes of them wandering about talking about how they want to get back to it. It takes forever before Misuzu says “There is a way.” Why she didn’t say it before is a mystery. Of course, it involves sex.

And it’s pointless, because after they do it a gap appears and Misao come in to report the bad news. So there was no reason for it except to have a sex scene in this show.

You may get your wish, Misao.

You know, folks of 11Eyes, when you lose a loved one you have more than one choice than to destroy everything. But that’s what Takahisa and Misao chose. Yukiko didn’t, but she did fly into a rage and start a fight she couldn’t win, which is close.

Anyway, everyone’s dead—or are they? Yuka is apparently inside Liselotte, babbling storybook lines, and the last image we get is of a very pissed-off Kakeru, so he’s not dead, just somewhere else. I expect he’s going to do a little ass-kicking next episode, but from where? Red Night? The real world, or some strange nebulous place beyond all dimension? I never did try to make out the physics of this series. This show, when it decides to, can bring in good action with great sound and visual effects. I’m hoping they’ll let it all loose for the conclusion.

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