Fairy Tail 11, Letter Bee 12

Fairy Tail 11 is all setup for the latest story arc. Natsu, Lucy and Happy set off for the cursed island, along with a reluctant Gray. They meet the cursed villagers …

... and naturally, Natsu doesn't get it.

They wander around, chased by a giant malodorous mouse, and fall into a cavern—the usual for the Fairy Tail guild. But there’s little action, only forward plot and some foreshadowing. It’s not the sort of episode I’d recommend to someone. But Fairy Tail is an unsubtle, straightforward type of show with simple story lines. You have to expect this sort of thing now and then. Let’s all wait patiently until the apocalypse demon Deliora breaks loose … in a future episode.

... Because you know Fairy Tail won't show off a monster without using it.

I should have done Letter Bee 12 before Christmas, but it’s still the holiday season, right? It’s one of those “warm the cockles of your heart with holiday cheer” things, centering on cynical Zazie, who’s teamed up with Lag to deliver presents.

The gift’s recipient is little Sonia, living alone because the townspeople mistrust her, fearing she attracts those monster things. Naturally this strikes a chord in Zazie, who grew up in similar circumstances. And naturally one appears in the village and he and Lag have to take care of it. It’s all predictable. What sets it apart is that while Zazie’s heart-cockles might have been warmed a little, he doesn’t get all mushy. That’s not his style. He just smiles a little. Good thing, too. I’m about to choke on Christmas sentiment. Besides, in Letter Bee Lag cries 365 days a year.

And hopefully that’s the last of the Christmas references this year.

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