Yumeiro 13, Railgun 13

As promised, Yumeiro Patissiere ep13 is all about the fairies. It’s the New Year’s break and Ichigo has stayed behind to practice. Vanilla is about to leave for a festival in fairy land and for some reason invites Ichigo along, provided she’s transformed into a fairy.

Off they go to a land of candy and sugar, reminding me somewhat of old Dairy Queen commercials (There’s even a chocolate river). It comes off as a cute hallucination with its chocolate in banana skins, coffee trees and vanilla cabbages. But it can’t all be fun and delusional. Eventually they encounter three sweets fairy dropouts who try and disrupt everything.

More cute than evil, actually ...

The fun is, of course, that these are the fairy representations of Ichigo’s team partners. Even their names are variants of the real boys’, which makes me wonder if they’re somehow connected to Kashino, Andou and Hanabusa. Does the fact that they were (temporarily, as it turns out) expelled from the sweets academy a precurser? Or am I simply thinking WAY too much about a children’s show?

Even sweets fairy boys go for giant robots.

Deeper implications aside, they try and wipe out the festival, but are forgiven even when they succeed, and all that’s left is to wonder if it was all Ichigo’s dream? But if it was, what is that dirty spoon the mysterious old crone gave her doing on her nightstand? And what the hell is that spoon, anyway? And if there are rivers of chocolate, why are there also chocolate bananas? This show is too confusing!

Railgun 13 is the dreaded swimsuit episode, though it becomes apparent halfway through, when the show takes a left turn, that it’s not all going to be about swimsuits or modeling. But the girls keep them on, so if you’re into 2D middle-schoolers wearing skimpy clothing there’s plenty for you to ogle. For me, I’m trying to figure out what this episode was trying to be.

Bathing suit accessory.

We’re introduced to Kongou, a rich-bitch character with little more to recommend her. She’s there to act haughty and get knocked down a few pegs. The show kills a little time with that until the real fun begins. The shooting all happens in a holodeck which tends to malfunction at times. After projecting some predictable beach and pool locales it starts to act up.

Because it's more fun.
Nice 2001 references here, too.

Then they switch to a campground setting … and stays there. The episode goes from being a crazy modeling episode to a camping and bonding one. They make curry, for about a third of the total episode. Thinking about it, it’s rather a nice way to combine two episodes into one and let us get to know Kongou a little more. It would have been better, however, to make the camping story a little stronger. Once the start making curry the show falls prey to weak writing and the show drags yet again. I wanted the holodeck to malfunction some more. But, overall, the episode wasn’t bad.

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