Cross Game 39

Bits and pieces again for Cross Game 39. Two dramatic things happen.

At the end of the show Aoba receives a phone call.

Now some of the earlier scenes begin to make sense. They are intended to set up Aoba’s dilemma. Kou says to Aoba, whose pitches he has copied and mastered (to Aoba’s chagrin), that she is pitching by “borrowing my body.” Azuma agrees. At the time Aoba did not reply, and I got the idea that the concept was not as fulfilling to her as she might have wanted, but maybe that’s hindsight talking. She’s always been loyal to the local team. She says she only went to the All-Japan tryouts to test herself, but as so many have pointed out, Aoba is often dishonest with herself. So will she do it, or will she continue coaching Kou? Other scenes that take on more import are ones showing her to be a bigwig on the team, in spite of the fact that she’s a non-player, and her show of annoyance to Azuma that Kou mastered her cutter in one week. Maybe he doesn’t need her as much anymore. Maybe she could leave and it won’t affect the team. We’ll find out.

The other big event, planted amongst little scenes of training with AMAZING HIGH-TECH equipment, and upcoming tournament speculation:

This does two things: first, it shows again she might be moving in on Kou …

It’s almost cruel then, that when Akane’s together with Kou he keeps going on about Aoba. Akane, like most everyone else in this show (apart from characters like Senda or Mizuki, who speak more directly and are two of the show’s fools), keeps her thoughts to herself. We’ll just have to wait.

The other thing that happens is it gets the father, Seiji, to thinking. His daughters are going through changes that might affect the family permanently. Even Nomo the cat deserts him to pursue his own love interest. Doubtful that any of this will affect the main story arc, but every character in this extended cast deserves time in the spotlight. Now, it’s Seiji’s turn.

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