Sasameki Koto Finale

While Sasameki Koto has a handful of regular characters, the main ones are of course Murasame and Kazama. So it’s fitting that the others do not appear at all in the finale. And, this being the finale, will the two finally get together as a couple? After seeing the episode I think it was a stupid question. That is, I was stupid for even thinking such a thing.

Murasame and family go off to the country to visit relatives. She’s promised she’d call Kazama, but things get in the way, such as the house burning down so they have to go further up into the mountains, where the cell connection can’t reach.

Hunting for bars.

The show then divides itself in two. There’s Murasame’s part, where she finds herself watching over relatives’ children, each scene with a bit of small comedy. The kids adore her and wonder why she constantly checks her phone. Meanwhile she thinks of Kazama and feels bad about not being able to call. Her phone taking a dip into a pond doesn’t help matters. Kazama’s part is more straight longing. She wonders why Murasame doesn’t call, and, rather selfishly, refuses to make a call herself. After all, Murasame promised! But that doesn’t stop Kazama from worrying and thinking about her, making herself miserable in the process. It’s the most longing we’ve seen from her in the relationship yet. And if she comes off as a little stupid and flighty, well, that’s Kazama in love.

Answer, damnit, answer!

But does she recognize it as love? We never see any realization from her whatsoever. But when the drowned cellphone miraculously awakens and they manage to connect, it’s the happiest moment of the episode, even if nothing much is said.

As for it all being a stupid question, I have to say that there’s no way either of them can fully reach out to the other. Maybe the stupidity lies in them, but it just wouldn’t work for either character. Or maybe they know, in their own ways, that this isn’t the time or place say such things. Ironically, this is the sort of chaste longing that Aoi loves so much in yuri.

Selfishly, I’m glad they don’t confess for another reason: it would be the end of the story. I had a great time watching Sasameki Koto. I’d love another season.


2 thoughts on “Sasameki Koto Finale

    • There are times when the show’s slapstick elements overwhelmed its usually peaceful routine. The show worked best when the humor worked along with the yuri setting. As for me, I fell for the show in ep3, and it would take more than a silly food scene for me to change my mind. Besides, I didn’t really mind that scene all too much …

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