Ladies vs. Butlers 1, Ookami Kakushi 1

If I had any brains at all I’d drop Ladies vs. Butlers now.

Another bad start.

This has more fanservice, not to mention nudity, than Chu-Bra does. The hero, Hino, runs around accidently groping one girl after another. But something feels a little different. Maybe it’s poor execution, but the early scenes, past the initial grope on drill-haired “Flameheart” are quiet and peaceful, quite unlike what I was expecting. This made me hope that the show would do something more than show endless bra and panty shots. On the other hand, the second half of the show (where we get a repeat of the initial grope, in case you missed it the first time) is all molestation and fanservice, and my heart began to sink. Well, I’ll give it one more episode and see if there is indeed something more to this.

Ookami Kakushi 1 has young Hiroshi coming to a small town called Jouya, along with father and younger, wheelchair-bound sister Mana. In this friendly town things aren’t all that they seem, blah blah blah. A basic horror setup, it’s going to be in the details whether this show amounts to anything.

On his second day Hiroshi is already popular at school, which dumbfounds him because he’s quite ordinary (and in fact, sister Mana is right now the more interesting character). It’s almost like they’re setting him up for something.

They're TOO nice.

We the viewers see the weirdness going on immediately. We see friendly classmate Ogasawara on the run from flying scythe girl and her minions. All Hiroshi gets is the fact that Ogasawara’s desk is gone the next day. Well, that and cryptic comments by his girlfriend wannabe Isuzu about the old part of town, and the mysterious girl, the only one in school who seems to dislike him (which may be why he seems transfixed by her) …

…. Who is almost certainly the scythe girl. But he hasn’t gotten that far yet. We’re given a larger view of this place than Hiroshi does. Two things are necessary for this show to succeed: Hiroshi must act sensible (and he seems so) and connect the dots as they come, or we’ll be shouting “Moron!” at the screen. Second: the backdrop must turn out to be interesting. It’s starting that way. Right now we really don’t know whose side anyone is on, and there are still characters to be introduced. Good enough for me to keep watching.

One thought on “Ladies vs. Butlers 1, Ookami Kakushi 1

  1. Never saw this ever, but I have to say that the ‘scythe girl’ outift is a little rough. Not sure it looks too impressive. Just saying.

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