Omamori Himari 1, Hidamari Sketch 1

Watching Omamori Himori 1 I kept muttering to myself “Oh, dear … Oh, dear …” I think I did it for every high school cliché, bouncing breast and panty shot I saw. I should have kept count.

What we got is a boy named Yuuto, whose charm, given to him by his grandparents, has worn off, and now all these demons are after him. A demon slayer named Himori is dispatched to protect him. That’s all well and good, but all this is submerged in a fanservice-happy scenario that turned me further off scene by scene.

Himori’s a cat. Yuuto is allergic to cats. Why does he have a real cat in his house, you ask? I have no idea. Second, it’s hard to see Himori as a great slayer of demons when she flashes her underwear in every scene. It kind of ruins the image. Third, why does a challenge involving Yuuto’s best friend Rinko (who does a lot of flashing herself) involve tennis? The kendo part I can understand. Even the foot race.

This part wasn't bad.

For a few minutes I thought I could overlook the fanservice and logical lapses, as the show did a nice job mixing humor and increasing threat: the demon attacking while Yuuto and Rinko try and remember what the lunch special was. In fact, thinking about that scene suggested that this show might not be entirely worthless. Next week it’s going to be a demon loli wearing skimpy clothes. Maybe that will be enough to turn me off completely.

So it’s a relief to watch the new season of Hidamari Sketch, with it’s comparative lack of fanservice and little room for cliches. I know this show by reputation; I’ve only watched one episode before, and found it charming. And if there’s one thing this season needs, it’s charm. So I’m looking forward to watching and writing about this show.

The trouble is, I’m going to have a hard time thinking of things to say about it. The short sketch format and the nothing-much stories don’t inspire profound thoughts. Let’s see. Yuno has to take a make-up exam, and then the girls wait to meet the new girls who move into their building. That’s about it. It’s all very cute. I could say that the visual style is fun and clever, and reminded me a few times of Bakemonogatari, the first and possibly last time anyone will compare the two.

If this were Bakemonogatori, Miyako would be a spirit being and would pay a visit to Oshino soon.

On the other hand it’s a relief to have a show where you can just kick back and not care too much, because nothing of import will happen. No demons, no panty shots, no scythes. Just girly voices and afternoon tea.

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