Seikon no Qwaser 1 Annoys Me; Hanamaru Kindergarten 1 Doesn’t.

I’m not sure why Seikon no Qwaser 1 annoyed me so much. It’s not like the show is unique with its Catholic trappings and fanservice, but the start (a girl gets sacrificed) to the end just made me growl. The idea that the Qwasers regain their energy through breastfeeding was the only fresh annoyance.

Maybe it was Tomo. Her bouncing breasts annoyed me, her high-pitched talk further annoyed me. The fact that the other kids in school hate her and Mafuyu (who seems to be the star, though why the other kids hate them I don’t get, which annoyed me) annoyed me. There was a mean spirit to the whole episode that turned me off.

This episode’s villain, who had gone to the church to find a certain religious icon and tries to torture info out of Mafuyu was a conglomeration of smug, laughing, villains from shows past. And annoyed me. And the good guy wasn’t much better.

Oh, shut up.

Alexander, I guess I’ll call him, though the show spun through so much cult-babble I’m not sure what his real name is, at least does something constructive. Never mind that he has to suck the breast milk of Teresa (who didn’t annoy me as much because she at least keeps her mouth shut) in order to do it. This naturally occurs mostly off-camera, in fact there are a lot of scenes where something happens but they don’t show it, rather panning to a still-shot and making me think my player had stuck.

Alexander’s another conglomeration of cliches. My god, another scythe! That’s three this season! And naturally, the day after Mafuyu is attacked, well, I bet you can guess:

Interesting dress code in that school.

THAT annoyed me. The fact that he’s a dick to his new classmates and grabs Tomo’s boob actually cheered me up a little. At least he doesn’t take shit from anyone. But is that enough for me to keep watching? Maybe. It’s also possible that I sat down to watch this show already annoyed and didn’t give it a fair shot, so I’ll give it one more episode to see if it ceases to annoy me.

Hanamaru Kindergarten annoyed me only once, when rookie teacher Tsuchida introduces himself to his class, and the suspicious parents. After innocent little Anzu tells everyone that he had come onto her, he goes into a sputtering denial and almost details the physical points of adult women he does like, at which point I went “Oh, dear,” and turned away. But this is a show whose good nature blows away anything really unpleasant, like Koume’s ribbon that winds up in a tree.

I sympathize with Tsuchida. In my old job I was a minority, a male librarian. In all my time working in libraries I had only one male boss. But Tsuchida has it worse; he’s in charge of tiny kids and watched by overly concerned parents. What complicates matters is that he does have an eye for women, especially his new coworker Yamamoto. But he’s eager to learn and genuinely loves kids, and that aspect of him takes precedence in this show. His faults are there only to spice things up a little.

Talking of spicing things up, Anzu’s mother Sakura is an interesting creature. She’s confident in Anzu but watchful of her (in fact, this show is full of scenes of small children interacting well with parents who obviously love them, adding to the overall happiness level), and when Anzu declares that she’s going to marry Tsuchida, Sakura loudly gives her parental approval, the funniest scene in the episode. She’s partly doing this because it’s harmless, and she knows Tsuchida already. She’s also doing it to mess with Tsuchida’s head. It will be fun to see what else she does to him.

Then there are the kids. I can see some people complaining that they’re little more than amorphous moe-blobs, but I prefer to see them as future high school cliché anime characters at a very young age. Anzu will be the spunky lead and love interest. Koume will be the shy best friend. Hiragi will be the quiet one who speaks in a monotone. Well, they all do that already. Apart from Tsuchida and Sakura the kids have more personality than most of the adults in the show, who are stuck with roles such as Parent or Teacher.

All in all it’s a happy little show that I intend to watch again. Some of the adults are interesting, and the moe-blobs are indeed cute. I am no longer annoyed.


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