Sora no Woto 2, Fairy Tail 13

I’m getting the impression that not much is going to happen in Sora no Woto. Oh, things happen, but always amidst digressions and long pauses to imagine things or to watch rarely-used telephones in case they might ring.

This is an introduction episode; Kana meets her new comrades, the brigade that defends this out-of-the-way town from whatever’s out there. While we get a glimpse of each one’s personality, we get the best view of Kureha, the gunner, as she reluctantly takes Kana on a tour of the base, and then gets sent to investigate a ghost in a ruined wing. She is proud of her status, goes by the book, bosses Kana around, and apparently wants to get out of this chicken outfit. You can see her point, in a brigade in some backwater where the captain does needlework and hugs people. But she is more a child who wants to be a grownup. It’s rather charming. Her desperate need for some action is undercut by her youthful actions.

Ghost hunt, with full pack.

So they look for a ghost, which means going through room after room, Kureha complaining about everything and Kana dreamily imagining what the place must have been like when it was a school. And they bond. No ghost, but a lot of rats and an owl who becomes the brigade mascot.

Kana imagines.

No, there’s not going to be much excitement in this show, that’s clear when we get an episode that likes to take its time like this one. That’s all right. It’s slow, but rarely dull, and though we didn’t get so much of the dazzling visuals this time around it is still great to look at.

I’ll leave it to Fairy Tail to bring the excitement, or at least the silly fights and gags. Last time it was all Leon kicking the shit out of Gray, which was a little depressing to watch. Luckily there’s Natsu to liven things up, even if he’s still encased in ice.

A cry of defiance is a heartening thing. Being encased in ice while doing it makes it funny.

Gray’s out of action. Natsu takes care of two mages, but it’s Lucy who’s the most fun this episode. There’s her plan to trick the enemy into falling into a pit, which even the villagers think is a stupid idea (Natsu falls into it, natch). And her subsequent battle strategy.

The last enemy mage standing can turn her celestial servants against her, and we get a scene where she fights to overcome it. It’s an okay moment—Fairy Tail almost always knows when to throw a gag in when things get too serious—but what comes of it is her realization that her powers have grown. And the episode ends with a confident Lucy ready to fight.

This is nice to see; Lucy often stands on the sidelines watching Natsu and Gray do the work, not confident in her abilities. Now she looks like she’s ready to cause mass destruction, just like her friends! Good thing, too. I think next week we might get the monster Deliora.


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