I have little to say about Baka to Test 3, Nodame 3, Hidamari 3

Very little to say about Baka to Test to Shokanju 3.

Recriminations as to who was responsible for losing the last match. We watch as Yoishi’s wallet is flattened further and further by the girls forcing him to see movies and eat crepes. He’s attacked by Minami’s sister, I believe, and everyone runs around. And some cross dressing. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it’s fast pacing and torrents of gags. Yeah, it’s dumb, but it’s an energetic dumb, and that helps it pass.

Nodame Cantabile 3 turns away from the scattershot narration and instead concentrates on two situations. In the first, Chiaki is moving out of the apartment building.

… Much to Nodame’s dismay. The accusations come up: Nodame’s been avoiding Chiaki, but Chiaki has no time for Nodame. We really don’t get any further than this. We’ve just set up the pieces for later. But the majority of time is spent on Rui, the famous pianist who has come to study at the school. Her life isn’t going as well as she would like. She takes lessons from Auclair, but he puts less effort in that than in cooking.

I think I'd watch that show.

There’s always been this problem with her; she’s enormously talented but her playing is cold compared to someone like Nodame (whom Auclair lavishes with attention). Meanwhile, she’s walled herself into a tight schedule of practice, her place is a mess, and then her MOTHER shows up for crisesakes! The soap-opera turn to this is that she is going to turn to Chiaki for help, or something, which will lead to more Nodame dramatics. Happily, this show is not a soap operish; for one thing it’s not mean-spirited. Whatever happens will remain light and humorous.

I have even less to say about Hidamari Sketch 3, but like Baka to Test it doesn’t mean I didn’t like the episode. Let’s see … School begins …

The students have to choose electives (what the hell is a “plane?”), and Yuno can’t make up her mind. She talks to everyone and chooses. But that’s not where the charm of the episode lies. Rather it’s what they do around this decision-making. Yuno rearranges her room …

She finds an old postcard from her mom. She goes out with Sae, sits on a cat, and has her first espresso.

… Before choosing “plane.” And I say again, what the hell IS that?

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