Yumeiro 15

It’s refreshing to watch an episode of Yumeiro Patissiere which doesn’t feature Ichigo screwing up for once. Well, she does, but in minor ways that don’t affect the real character in conflict: Satsuki.

There’s some early scenes where they meet the asshole older team, led by their chief asshole.

It’s a pound cake war. During practice each member of Team Ichigo creates a good pound cake (even Ichigo!) except for Satsuki, who’s trying to infuse his with rose water. He becomes despondent and runs off. Naturally it’s Ichigo who runs off to talk to him, the other two sneaking behind. And we get the tragic story of his father, who died rushing home to bring him a bottle of rose water. Seemingly perpetual rose water, since it looks like he’s been carrying around the same bottle for years now.

You know he’ll succeed eventually, with everyone’s help, but not without some drama, such as in the final scene where Ichigo dives into a pond to rescue the bottle when Satsuki throws it away in despair. Expect some sneezing and shivering from Ichigo next episode. But right now it’s a compelling mystery. The team has tried several ways to use rose water in pound cake, but have not succeeded. I’m actually interested to find out what they come up with. And they can have more bits like this, too …

Fairy beatdown!

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