Letter Bee 15, Hanamaru Kindergarten 3

Letter Bee 15 just happens, and it’s over before you know it, and not much is gained by anyone. Lag and Niche are on a stagecoach along with two lovers, Mosse and Bonnie. It’s clear when our heroes spot the two in an embrace and see the bag of precious stones that Bonnie is playing this bumpkin for a fool. Of course, innocent Lag and Niche don’t see it that way. Then the stagecoach is raided—twice.

Turns out the stones are stolen spirit ambers, like the one Lag has in his eye. We get the Deus ex machina of amber-induced flashbacks to reveal the truth: Bonnie is a brazen hussy, etc etc.

I’m getting a little tired of of these memories appearing. There’s not much you can do after that. The truth has been revealed, then what? Except for the inevitable breakup of Bonnie and Mosse the story is over. And indeed, the episode ends right there. Moss walks off into what would be the sunset (if this world had any sun), leaving Lag and Niche to scratch their heads. Show over. It’s like a first draft of a script with no later embellishments. Thinking about it I found that part a little refreshing.

The first part of Hanamaru Kindergarten 3 is the more interesting. Anzu begins by confessing her love for Tsuchida and getting shot down, leaving the all-wise Hiiragi to explain the situation.

Strategies are discussed. It’s a little disturbing to see kindergarteners discussing boob sizes, though. She cooks him … something (It’s also disturbing that Sakuru lets her little daughter use a hot stove like that, but her humorous support for Anzu’s goal of love is still funny). But no progress is made. Part two deals with the other part of the love triangle, and we learn why Yamamoto hasn’t noticed Tsuchida’s feelings for her when even the kids have: she’s dense.

Sweet, kind, gentle, but dense.

She just doesn’t get it when a man is interested in her. That’s really the main bit of info you need from the second half; the rest is embellishment. When an angry Anzu declare to her that she loves Tsuchida, Yamamoto says she does, too, and on top of that she loves Anzu, which sends the little girl into confusion. She sends Tsuchida into confusion when she says he should use the amusement park tickets with Anzu, not her. Etc. And that’s fine with me. I think I’ll be okay to watch Yamamoto shoot Tsuchida down again and again if it’s because she’s simply ignorant of the situation. It’ll be funnier, anyway. I don’t know why. I guess stupidity in some things adds to the character.


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