Kimi ni Todoke 16, Baka to Test 4, Ookami Kakushi 4

Kimi ni Todoke 16 is a flashback episode, so there’s very little to say about it. Nice to have everything summarized, I guess, and it’s a good way to flash through some of the bigger scenes, and to catch some early, spooky, “Sadako” moments.

I do miss the Sadako moments.

But who the hell are these guys?

Well, we sort of get an answer, but then we have to ask “Why are they talking about Sawako?” I suspect we’ll never get an answer.

Baka to Test to Shokanju, for the second straight week, is about Yoshi’s hunger. No thrilling battles using avatars (except when Yoshi’s tries to open a jar), but there is a bento battle between Minami and Himeji. Of course, nothing goes right.

Her one weak point is cooking.

I do like that this class of idiots are incapable of delivering a lunch to the starving Yoshi, but it’s not entirely their fault. Others keep getting in the way. Teachers, people in other classes, even Minami’s sister. Meanwhile, we get a look at Minami and her reluctant crush on Yoshi, and her attempts at giving him her bento (that sounds dirty). It works nicely, worked in with all the silly slapstick. Until she finally succeeds, by giving him her leftovers.

It’s a nice quiet scene. Minami still can’t bring herself to say she made it for him, and Yoshi can’t admit he’s desperate for food, a male pride thing, I guess. Yet they both sort of understand where the other is coming from. No, I take that back. God only knows what Yoshi’s thinking. Well, it’s a nice scene, anyway.

Ookami Kakushi 4 has taken its time, which is its right, but too many episodes of watching Hiroshi see little things but not putting them together would hurt in the long run, so I guess they decided to let him witness one of the big things for a change.

It didn’t start this way. It begins (after we see a tryst in an alley) by feeding us more morsels of information in the form of speculation and research by Kaname. Later Hiroshi and Mana meet a nice woman named Kaori. But she’s not normal, either. And then a guy doing research enters the action. We’ve seen him before, but always at the end of episodes, planning or drinking. It’s all intriguing but adds up to nothing but more questions.

But some puzzle pieces come together for Issei’s story. He seems to have two modes, the normal, kinda smarmy young man, and the out-and-out perv. He’s also taking medication, presumably for this condition, which puts the hospital back in the story line. It’s also making him into sort of a tragic figure, something I did not expect after the last episode.

Beyond that the episode is pretty much the same, with cryptic comments and mysterious glances, until Hiroshi witnesses a killing.

Important scenes waver in and out of focus. Sorry about that.

And then the researcher tells him there are murders going on around here. Now Hiroshi can’t just shake off the weirdness and say it’s nothing. He saw a woman get sliced up. This will be a test for Hiroshi’s character. Will he wimp out and get sucked into events anyway, or investigate further? Next week should be very interesting. And maybe we’ll learn more about Kaori and the researcher as well, and why he knows her, and the mystery of the hospital, and all the other bits of strangeness … nah, not in a single episode, anyway.

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