Nodame Cantabile 3

Nodame Cantabile Finale 3 includes three sections. We start with the Rui drama, as she invites Chiaki out to dinner claiming it’s an emergency, but winds up talking about the concert they did together. It’s nice to see a reassuring, complimentary Chiaki for once. Of course, Rui is a total professional, albeit a burned-out one, and Chiaki has always admired her talent, even if she compares herself unfairly to Nodame.

But just as you think a love triangle is forming, Chiaki rebuffs any more contact for the time being, and he’s right. She has to go home and talk to her mom, and he is with Nodame.

Next is the salon concert Nodame is to perform. This is nice, too. She wows the rich women and behaves in a totally professional way, not even reacting when the safety pin holding together the back of her dress gives way. What’s more, though she regrets that Chiaki was not there to see it, she realizes that if she’s to become a pro, she must perform at her peak anyway.

Nodame become St. Francis of Assisi in a torn dress.

It’s Chiaki who shows the least judgment this time, but you can hardly blame him. On his way to the salon concert he runs into Vieira.

Vieira is an interesting character in this series because he’s done so much while appearing hardly at all. Chiaki was devoted to him as a child, but when he returned to Japan Chiaki never had the time to talk or meet with him again, even though his biggest dream was to study under the man. Now here Vieira is on the bus, greeting him like a long-lost friend, and inviting him to attend a rehearsal of Mahler. How can Chiaki refuse? Vieira will surely be jetting off once the concert is done. He may not have the opportunity to see him again. He texts Nodame and says “business had come up,” so he can’t attend her concert, i.e., he tells her a big lie. But he’s trying not to hurt her, I suppose. Still, it bothers me. Just as the fact that in thirteen years Chiaki had not managed at any time to meet his old mentor, but that’s an improbability in the story rather than in his motives. So will Nodame find out? Will they have another fight? I kind of hope not. Let the story go elsewhere.

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