Nodame 4, Letterbee 17

Nodame Cantabile 4, first thing, takes care of the Chiaki lying to Nodame business.

The wild Nodame, in her lair, waits for the prey to approach ...

To my surprise, Chiaki is contrite. He explains it all truthfully, begs forgiveness, takes a little abuse from Nodame (who’s too surprised at his behavior to get too mad), and all is mostly forgiven. Then the next morning she turns the tables on him again by innocently making him jealous. But, again, all is mostly forgiven. But the whole thing makes me worry and yet doesn’t. Because of their busy and separate schedules they are seeing little of each other. On the other hand, it’s obvious that their love and trust of each other has grown enough to overcome this.

And so the camera moves away to Tanya and her trials. She apparently did not do well at the last concours and seems to be drifting. What’s more, her possible boyfriend Kuroki has been helping out a cute Japanese student named Rima. Her plan to marry someone in Paris now further in doubt, she’s has nowhere to go.

Undercutting this is the fact that Kuroki doesn’t really want to help Rima, and Rima is actually a lost lamb, like Ruroko was at one time, and intimidated by the talent of the others around her. It’s a splendid way to humanize the entire situation. When Rima fails her entrance exam Tanya isn’t sure if she should be delighted or sympathetic. Probably a little of both.

It’ll be interesting to see how much Chiaki shows up in later episodes, since he’ll be jetting (does he jet?) from Paris to Italy all the time. The second half of the show didn’t have him at all, except for a phone call. It might feel a little weird. There’s still Nodame to carry on, but a show with less Chiaki is something I’d rather not see.

Every Nodame post needs a concert pic in it.

I’ve seen episode 17 of Letter Bee before. Was it an OVA? A Preview episode? I can’t remember and it doesn’t matter. It’s still a nice episode. Lag is to deliver a package from Director Largo to some odd place, and their guide is a flea-bitten thing called Darwin.

But, as usual, there are more things going on here. Turns out Darwin was a dingo for the late Elena Blanc, and this was Largo’s plan to get Darwin to go to her grave rather than hanging out on the bridge for years and years waiting for her to come back. Oh, there’s some mystery about pendants which don’t add up to much, and a sidelight where Niche is jealous because Lag is following Darwin …

And every Letter Bee post needs an angry Niche pic.

But really it’s all about a girl and her dog, er, raccoon … whatever he is. Although half-dead, Darwin sees Lag in he same light he saw his beloved Elena, leading to some heroics when a gaichuu nearly kills Lag (the same fate Elena suffered), and a final rest at Elena’s grave. Lag and Niche make up a fresh one for him beside her’s.

But I don’t quite follow. I know Darwin isn’t supposed to understand what happened to Elena, but he leads them to her Grave. The spirit amber memories this time come from the dog tags Darwin’s always worn, so they can’t show him anything new. Why did Darwin need someone to guide in order to go to the grave? Or maybe it was just a way for Largo to deliver a couple pendants?

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