Fives: Vampire Bund, Hidamari Sketch

Vampire Bund 5 keeps us wondering further if any side in this vampire/human politics is worth rooting for. And it further complicates the school situation by introducing some student vampires, well, we knew that already. The question is if Mina condones it or not, or if she even knows.

And why is Mina even at the school as a student anyway? It’s true that she, for whatever reason, is the director, but why is she attending classes, especially when, apart from cooking, she knows the answers anyway? All it’s doing is screwing up Akira’s life. None of the students can trust him now, except for Yuki, and even that’s in question now that she’s seen the ring she gave Akira dangling from Mina’s neck. And why does Akira still attend if he’s now a watchdog to the most powerful vampire in the world?

Look out behind you, Yuki!

And, though Mina could certainly not care less, this all puts Yuki, a complete innocent, in danger. I care about this because Yuki is perhaps the most sympathetic character in the story. Her only crime is that she’s in love with Akira. She provides him with a chance to release, to talk, and you get the impression that if he was allowed to Akira would tell her everything. Her persistence in wanting to help him is touching, but now she’s in constant danger of being an innocent bystander in this vampire war.

And we need someone constant like that in this story, because once again the rest of the humans and vampires act like dickheads. Mina claims to be following the rules of society, then goes and has the Prime Minister’s kid taken hostage. Meanwhile, vampires in the school attack Akira because of his connection to her. Apart from Yuki, and mostly Akira, there is no decency in this show.

Look who's talking.

Hidamari Sketch 5, about as far away from Vampire Bund as you can get, deals with the annual physical and Yuno losing her cellphone. In the former, naturally the girls try some frantic last-minute dieting.

Hiro overdoes it.

Other bits include concerns about height, breast size (refreshingly, none of the girls worry about that too much, but Yoshinoya does. “Sensei! You’re sexually harrassing students again!”) and eyesight. And before you know it, it’s time for the missing cellphone scene. This one is rather sweet, as when Yuno goes to the arts room to retrieve it she meets 3rd year Arisawa, who asks if she will model. It brings in a moment where Yuno wonders what she’ll do when she graduates. What I like is that Arisawa sees arts prep school as an exciting place where her talent will flourish. In other words, for her, as opposed to so many high school shows, life doesn’t end when you graduate. Yuno drinks in every word.

A good way to describe this show, actually.

It’s also amusing for Yuno (and me) to learn where they stay is known as the “building of imps.” And that’s it. The show again flashes by in a flicker of an eye. The only problem with it is its unique visual sense make it hard to capture screenshots that make any sense.

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