Sora no Woto 6, Baka to Test 6

I am flabbergasted by Sora no Woto 6. I simply cannot believe that these silly women in an outpost where they can’t make any trouble are running a bootleg hooch business on the side! This is so out of character for them that the idea makes me break into a wide grin. Bravo!

Scary henchmen.

When I say it’s out of character for them, well, they did it, so it’s now in their character if you can assimulate it into the wider world of the story, and that I can do. Obviously each one of them have suffered something in the war and have had to learn to scrounge and improvise to survive. Even now in peacetime supplies and payments come late or not at all. It makes perfect sense to do what you have to in order to get by, even if getting caught means a court-martial. What makes it more fun is the elaborate scheme they invent in order to chase off some gangsters who want to move in. Seeing the girls in mobster clothes and fedoras “shooting” gangsters, managing to stay in character, well, as I said, a wide grin.

Don't mess with the Filicia gang.

And there’s the added bonus of the rockslide that crushes the gangsters’ car, a touch that no one actually thought up. We learn about that in the second half, where Kanata (the only one unaware of the girls’ side business. Why are they keeping it from her? Is she too much the innocent?) goes off to the flea market on her day off and runs into Mishio, an orphan staying at the church who has run off. This story is rather sweet in juxtaposition with the first half. In the end Mishio, with Kanata’s help, finds her beloved box and happily returns to the worried nun Yumino, but not without a scare.

Kanata is still clueless at the end, but the others must be chuckling at the serendipity. I certainly was. Good episode!

I’m beginning to realize there’s not going to be an overall story arc in Baka to Test. I had thought the show would be about Class-F’s slow rise to glory, but instead it’s more interested in Class-F’s monumental stupidity. Nothing wrong with that, if the pointless scenes are actually good, and they usually are. In ep6 it’s all about the swimming pool and the bathhouse, and the characters each do a good job in exploiting the various cliches such themes provide. There’s boob sizes (Minami is undone, Hideyoshi is conflicted), trying to sneak peeks at the girls (Voyeur is undone), swimming contests (The winner doesn’t have to eat Mizuki’s waffles), near-drowning (Shoko does it to Yuuji in order to give him mouth-to-mouth), undone bikini tops (just about everyone, including Hideyoshi), and of course, the inevitable …

... nosebleed.

All performed with great energy and shifting art styles. There’s absolutely no point to it, but who cares? When they shift to the bathhouse it gets to be a little much. Oh, it was fun when they repeated a scene line by line (concerning Hideyoshi’s androgyny), but when Yoshi summons his avatar to peek over the wall, well, we’ve seen it before.

Though the summoning bits are usually good.

I think 25 minutes might actually be too long for a show as rapid fire as this.

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